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Interview Tips: Candidate vs. Employer

Posted by  Amber Tipton

Interview Tips_ Candidate vs. Employer-007107-edited

The dreaded interview...dun dun DUN...the most ubiquitous part of the hiring process for both candidates AND employers. Dr. Steven Jarrett and Dr. Jaclyn Menendez, both experienced interview trainers (and interviewees!), chat about interviewing from both a candidate and an employer perspective. Steven takes the candidate position and Jaclyn channels her inner employer to cover the following topics (and more!):

From a candidate’s perspective:

  • Good first impression tips and tricks
  • How to prepare
  • Questions to ask (and ones to avoid) during your interview

From an employer’s perspective:

  • How to keep your biases in check
  • Why it’s important to have a consistent interview process
  • Tips for closing an interview
  • Questions NOT to ask a candidate

We’ll play a fun game where Jaclyn answers an interview question that Steven poses. And for snack time, they take a side in a long-fraught chocolate war from my home town: which sponge candy reigns supreme?

Episode 7: Interview Tips: Candidate vs. Employee

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Amber Tipton

is a Marketing Specialist based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. She loves research, is a grammar ninja, and is a passionate curator of company culture. Amber has a B.A. in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

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