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Discussing the Skills Gap with a Millennial Working in Skilled Trades

Posted by  Alli Besl, Ph.D.

skilled trades skills gap

Whether you're an employer or a job seeker, I'm sure you have heard or participated in a discussion surrounding the skills gap in the manufacturing, construction, and other skilled trade industries. Even organizations that offer good pay, benefits, and job security are having a difficult time filling their open roles. We know some of the reasons for the skills gap – a push for young people to pursue college degrees and discouragement from joining these manual labor fields to name a couple – but many individuals are now coming out of college with student loans and are struggling to find jobs that utilize their degrees because of the high rate of competition.


Overcoming the New Manufacturing Hiring Challenges

Posted by  Jaclyn Menendez

Overcoming the New Manufacturing Hiring Challenges

I’ll be honest. As a Millennial, I don’t buy into most of the negative press we receive. According to the media, we’re lazy, unmotivated, and generally the least desirable option in any applicant pool. (If I believed every story that came out against my generation, though, I probably wouldn’t want to hire me either.) While there are some valid differences to expect from any generation, Millennials are mostly just adapting to the changing times and culture of their surroundings. We act differently from the generations before us, yes, but that’s because the world we’ve grown up in is also different.


How to Close the Skills Gap using Culture and Manufacturing Hiring

Posted by  Brett Gatesman


Millennials and the overall topic of generational differences have become common conversation topics in nearly all workplaces looking to hire. This should make sense, since job candidate pools are now largely composed of Millennials and Gen Z. So if a company has a vacancy, chances are a Millennial will fill that role. For several industries, this does not necessarily create additional difficulty in hiring, although for manufacturers and other trades, it can be more challenging.


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