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6 Talent Strategies Used By Top Hospitals

Posted by  Bryan Warren

talent-strategies-top-hospitalsSuccessful organizations have teams that display certain behaviors. Organizations that are able to find, hire, develop and retain people who can perform, succeed. Those that don’t, struggle. It’s that simple. Talent wins.

We looked at hospitals that have made the most gains toward building a team ready to face the challenges. Here are the top six strategies we’ve seen:


How 3 Dark Personality Traits can Affect Job Performance

Posted by  Alli Besl, Ph.D.

dark personality traits affect job performance-200556-edited

Personality measurement in pre-employment assessment is a commonly accepted practice. Over time, there are certain personality characteristics that have been consistently linked to higher levels of job performance, like conscientiousness, for example. However, there are other personality traits or characteristics that are often shown to negatively impact performance on the job. One such set of characteristics is referred to as the “dark triad.”


Understanding Workplace Bullying Tactics and Dynamics

Posted by  Guest Blogger, PeopleHR

workplace bullying tactics and dynamics

Bullying has unfortunately become part of the workplace culture and is tolerated by many institutions throughout the world. The survey conducted by the American Workplace Bullying Institute in 2017 shows that 19% of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work; another 19% have witnessed it; 69% are aware that workplace bullying happens. To get to grips with this problem we need to be able to recognize bullying tactics and understand its dynamics.


Can You Measure and Develop Executive Presence?

Posted by  Bryan Warren

measure-executive-presence.jpgA client, one of the largest health systems in the country, has identified executive presence as a critical hiring and development focus.  The senior team is unanimous that the trait is vital for success.  They are not alone.  Even in the world of technology, a survey of CIOs conducted by Gartner put executive presence second on the list of the top 20 leadership traits. By comparison, technology skills ranked 12th.  Another survey found that senior leaders think executive presence accounts for 26% of promotion decisions (Center for Talent Innovation, 2012).

But what is it?  Can it be measured?  Can it be taught or developed?


Is Emotional intelligence or Adaptability More Important for Physicians?

Posted by  Bryan Warren

physician-emotional-intelligence-adaptability.jpgIn a January 29, 2018 Fast Times piece on the Future of Work, “Screw Emotional Intelligence -Here’s the Key to the Future of Work,” Natalie Fratto paints the picture of the year 2045 when the SAT is replaced as a college admissions test by a standardized test of aptitude and projected performance called the AEI. The AEI measures: Adaptability Quotient (AQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), and Intellectual Quotient (IQ), and places the greatest weight on AQ.


The Top 10 Human Resources Articles of 2017

Posted by  Claire McCue


The overhaul of performance management, AI, the rise of the gig economy, HR and recruitment automation, prioritization of the candidate and employee experience, gamification, and millennials becoming the majority workforce are just a few of the changes that 2017 brought to the workplace.


4 Ways to Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Posted by  Jessica Petor

I recently read an article about 12 ways millennials can increase their emotional intelligence (EQ) at work. Sure, millennials are younger and have more room to grow, but everyone can benefit from tuning up their EQ, so I found myself considering what employees in any generation can do to increase their EQ. 



Emotional Intelligence - A Conversation with a Physician Leader

Posted by  Bryan Warren

physician leader emotional intelligence.jpg


How to Engage Your Senior Team in Patient-Centered Care

Posted by  Bryan Warren


ThinkstockPhotos-492943492.jpgDuring a recent webinar on the role of emotional intelligence in physician success, patient outcomes, and organizational success, I fielded two questions from the audience about how you get a healthcare senior team to recognize the importance of provider behavioral skills in the patient experience.

Then I was talking to a system CEO who told me that while on a panel at a patient experience conference, she fielded several similar questions. She had mid-level managers asking how they can convince their senior leaders that patient-centered care is not only important, but that it should be driving their entire culture and strategies.


What is Emotional Intelligence and Healthcare Emotional Intelligence?

Posted by  Bryan Warren


While the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a whole isn’t necessarily a new one, the concept of EQ as it relates to healthcare (known as Healthcare Emotional Intelligence, or HEQ) is a topic that has been at the forefront of many discussions with our healthcare clients recently.


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