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HR in the Digital Era: Opportunities and Challenges

Posted by  Amber Thomas

opportunities and challenges for hr in the digital era

"In response to the rapid acceleration of globalization and technology, organizations today are recognizing the need to 'go digital.'"

In the session at SIOP 2018, Due for an Upgrade? The Future of I-O Psychology and HR in the Digital Era, several experts from major companies reviewed challenges and opportunities facing the Human Resources and Industrial Organizational Psychology fields in the digital era. Here are the highlights from their session: 


3 Common Candidate Frustrations in the Hiring Process

Posted by  Vicki Marlan

common frustrations in your hiring processMany of Select International’s clients are in an enviable situation from a hiring perspective; they are the employer of choice in their area, or they have thousands of applicants for a small number of job openings. Under these circumstances, organizations are interested in utilizing hiring processes that facilitate an easier review of large volumes of applicants. However, streamlining internal intake procedures shouldn’t translate to making the process overly burdensome or less informative for candidates. Although organizations won’t be able to place all job applicants, it’s still in their best interest not to discourage candidates from applying or annoy them in the process. Sure, plenty of applications aren’t worth a thorough examination by the HR team, but there is a fine line between implementing job-relevant screening procedures and alienating the most talented job seekers due to stringent application requirements.


5 Benefits of Fully Utilizing Your Applicant Tracking System

Posted by  Paul Glatzhofer

hiring-funnelMost companies have some sort of “applicant tracking system”, or ATS, to help keep track of who has applied to an open position and which step(s) each candidate has completed as part of the hiring process. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep an applicant tracking system up to date, especially during periods of high volume or when the number of candidates being processed greatly exceeds the number of administrators who have access to the ATS. However, there are many benefits to keeping your tracking system as up to date as possible.

Benefit 1: Collaboration

Tracking hiring activities via an ATS will make it easier for multiple administrators to collaborate while processing the same pool of candidates. If there is ever a question about what steps a candidate may have completed, one simply needs to check the ATS to see where the candidate stands in the process. This tends to be easier than using a spreadsheet or any other system that allows only one person to edit at a time.


The Benefits of Having a Streamlined, Automated Hiring Process

Posted by  Eli Castruita

HR_hiringI’ll be the first to admit that I like to wait to buy a new tech gadget until “they work the bugs out.” I also don’t like to purchase things for the sake of having the next cool thing. There has to be a need. “No, Felix, I don’t need the large face Watchismo watch. Yes, they look pretty cool and they are attention grabbers, but it takes the same body motion and effort to pull my smartphone out, which I paid a pretty penny for anyway.” It’s perfectly fine to spend according to your personal style, and I do. It’s also wise to be frugal, especially when it comes to business needs, so I think I can relate to “wise” shoppers. I am, however, still surprised to find a few companies who use a manual hiring process.

Back in my college days, I took a math course where I had to learn how to compute Fourier Transforms, which converted a function of time into a function of frequency and vice versa. I recall these computations taking a lot of time and at least a couple of pages to complete. Here's what I'm talking about:


4 Things You Need to Know about Applicant Tracking Systems and Assessment Integration

Posted by  Louis Simon

If you’re an organization that utilizes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and on-line assessment for assisting your hiring process, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about Assessment Integration (AI). Especially if you’re utilizing two platforms to manage your recruiting process and another to provide your candidate assessments, it’s smart to think that combining those two systems could be beneficial to your recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. Knowing that there’s benefit in integrating is normally where the process starts. Where it goes from there is sometimes a very thought provoking path and each organization will have its own reasons for deciding to integrate assessments or not. If you’re just starting the process of finding an ATS this information will be beneficial to your discovery. If you’ve already picked an ATS you may find that this information hits close to home. Here are a few things you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems and Assessment Integration.


Client Study: General Electric Hiring Large Volumes with Application System and Pre-Employment Tests

Posted by  Brian Dishman

157384689In today’s economy, employers are experiencing many new challenges when it comes to high volume hiring. Depending on the geographic location of an organization’s facility, it’s fairly commonplace to see thousands of applicants apply for only a handful of open positions. General Electric recently received a surge of 6,000 applications for 480 jobs. Astoundingly, this occurred over the span of just 50 minutes.

General Electric was prepared for this type of situation and utilizes Select International’s automated application and assessment solutions. However, sifting through that many applications can be a daunting task for those without a structured process in place. Compiled from our experience with large volume start-ups and workforce expansions, below are 4 tips to ensure that you are prepared for an influx of applications:


Making Toast: A Lesson in Integrating Testing and Assessments into your Applicant Tracking System

Posted by  Louis Simon

A toaster may or may not be the most essential part of everyone’s kitchen. For me it’s an appliance I use sparingly, but I really like a good piece of toast with jam on occasion. The ability to “plug in” my toaster makes the toast making process simple and efficient.  This is all possible because the plug was created from a standard that electricity suppliers, electricians, and manufacturers have subscribed to for years.  Just as the electricity standards make it


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