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Why Use A Leadership Assessment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 27, 2018

Leaders greatly impact the success and growth of a business or organization. When you consider today’s leadership selection ratio and and hyper competitive global markets, leadership selection and development is especially important. Leadership failure can often mean the success or failure of the entire organization.

Why Use A Leadership Assessment?

Whether hiring new leaders or developing and promoting high potential employees, every executive or leadership personnel choice is a high stakes decision for organizations so it’s extremely important to have accurate information when making these decisions. Staying informed of how the leaders of your organization are doing can be done in various ways, including assessments. Here are four key reasons why a leadership assessment can solidify your succession planning process and help your organization thrive. 

Business Infographic

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Paul Glatzhofer Paul Glatzhofer is the VP of Talent Solutions based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI Services LLC. He works primarily with organizations that are implementing global assessment and development systems at the leadership level. Paul’s work includes leadership development, leadership skills training, coaching, leadership and executive selection, turnover and ROI analysis, and ongoing feedback development.