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Candidate Pool Frozen? Warm Up Your Hiring Process!

January 25, 2018

hiring process

I want to start out by saying that I am not crazy. Really, I am not. But, I just moved all the way from warm sunny Florida to Pennsylvania in the first week of January. The dead of winter. Why did I do this? Because I was so impressed with Select International after going through the job selection process that I decided to quit my job and make the move. It even inspired me to write a blog post on what impressed me during the hiring process.

Here are some of the things the organization did to impress me as a candidate (and get me to move across the country in the dead of winter!) as well as some suggestions for how you can warm up your hiring process for future potential candidates:

  • The phone screenings were two-sided.

    To start, I had a couple of phone interviews in which I answered some technical questions, but I also got to ask the interviewer questions. This gave me the opportunity early on in the process to determine whether or not I would be a good fit in the organization

  • The online assessments sent me a positive message.

    I also completed several online assessments. These assessments let me know that the organization was serious about selecting the right individuals and doing it fairly. It gave me confidence that my future coworkers would be well qualified, hardworking individuals. (Plus, they were kind of fun!) 

    I also learned that the benefits of online assessments don't stop after the hiring process. When candidates take online assessments (rather than just completing a paper application) they're sharing valuable information about what motivates them. That data can be used post-hire to help understand new employees' strengths and challenges and better design their development strategy

  • The interviews were fair.

    While on site, I had several structured interviews. The structured aspect of the interview once again reinforced that the organization was using fair assessment practices. This gave me the impression that they would treat me fairly if I were to come on board. In addition, the interviewers were all very relaxed, which put me at ease and allowed me to really evaluate if I would fit in with this company. Using a structured, consistent interview process has many other benefits, including:

    • Making the interview process more efficient.

    • Providing more consistent results. If the selection criteria are the same for each candidate, it's easier to determine the effectiveness of each individual data point used for selection.

    • Ensuring that your recruiters and hiring managers use the same reference points when making decisions.

    • And, it increases the legal defensibility of your hiring process!

The entire hiring process doesn’t just assess the candidate, it can offer candidates insight into the organization as well! In the end, I am happy (albeit freezing) with my decision to move for a company that embraces scientifically valid selection methods.

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Christa Bupp, PhD Christa Bupp, PhD is a Consultant based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. She provides client support across many different industries with a primary focus on manufacturing. Christa is passionate about making clients happy through the implementation of various selection tools. She has expertise in the areas of research and development, assessment design, data analysis, and validation.