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Top 5 Leadership Development Blog Posts of 2019

January 10, 2020

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We’re not only starting a brand new year, but also a brand new decade! Because of this, we think it’s a good time to reflect upon our top 5 leadership development blog posts of the past year. Our hope is that you’ll find the information in these posts helpful as you and your organization forge on into the new decade.

5. Feedback In The Workplace: Reflections For A Positive Impact

Effective, meaningful feedback in the workplace is critical yet fraught with the potential for error.  However, feedback is the only way for us to calibrate our performance or to know whether the impact that we are having is what we intend – whether we’re providing feedback to a seasoned executive or a newly hired employee.  Susan Stang, PhD, Vice President of Consulting Solutions at PSI, offers some suggestions and lessons learned for your consideration when providing feedback to your teams.

4. Diversity and Inclusion: 5 Tips To Provide More Inclusive Leadership

Diversity and inclusion help foster a positive work environment and is critical for an organization's success. Inclusive leadership ensures success for you and your work teams Christa Bupp, PhD, Senior Consultant at PSI, discusses five things leaders should do to ensure they provide an inclusive environment for their employees.

3. Coaching and Development for Self-Awareness, Resilience, and Confidence

This leadership blog post was so popular it also landed on Our Most-Read Talent Management and HR Blog Posts of 2019 list! To see the most success, effective coaching should be centered on development of self-awareness, resilience, and confidence. Paul Glatzhofer, Vice President of Talent Solutions at PSI, discusses how there are bigger gains in performance at a more rapid pace when we focus on these traits in coaching.  

2. Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness – A Powerful Alliance For Great Leaders

Sophie Seex, Principal Consultant for PSI Talent Management International, discusses mindfulness, why it's important in leaders,  and how Emotional Intelligence provides mindfulness with a sense of direction, so that a strong and stable mind can be used to develop helpful habits.

1. Leadership Climate: Employees Hold The Key To Developing Your Leaders

Each leader and organization creates their own leadership climate – this can be thought of as the "shadow you cast" or "tone you set" as a leader. Think back to a time when your boss entered the room and it was immediately obvious they were having a fantastic, or contrastingly, an awful day. The tangible change in the room is leadership climate. Peter Clarke, Head of Product Consulting for PSI Talent Management International, discusses how great leaders create an organizational tone that can facilitate remarkable employees doing remarkable things. 

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Amber Tipton Amber Tipton is a Marketing Specialist based in the Pittsburgh office of PSI. She loves research, is a grammar ninja, and is a passionate curator of company culture. Amber has a B.A. in Communications from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.