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Three Things You’ll Learn at ASHHRA’s Annual Conference

December 17, 2015


Behavioral competencies impact organizational performance. In healthcare, this means patient outcomes – clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction scores. How can you integrate this concept into your talent strategies?

ASHHRA’s annual conference is the largest gathering of healthcare human resources professionals in the world. Once again, Select International is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of this exciting event. Ted Kinney, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development will be joining Heather Grier, Director of Talent Management at McLeod Health, to present, An Effective Organization-Wide Behavioral Competency Model - The Talent Foundation.


Follow Mcleod Health’s process of developing an efficient, effective, organization-wide behavioral competency model. These competencies are the foundation of all Human Resources functions, creating a common language and establishing the behavioral expectations that contribute to a patient and family-centered culture. Selection, development, and performance management should all be built on a common, simple, set of behavioral competencies. Hospitals are complex and developing a competency model can seem daunting. Traditional approaches are cumbersome and overly complex. McLeod’s competency model covers the entire organization, is the foundation of their talent and culture efforts, and was developed in less than twelve weeks.

Participants will:

  1. Understand the value of an organization-wide behavioral competency model.
  2. Learn to take a deliberate, efficient, approach to identifying the behaviors that have the greatest impact on organizational performance metrics.
  3. Start to build a standardized behavioral competency model that will create consistency across HR functions.

We hope you can join us in Chicago! If you can’t make it to Ted and Heather’s presentation, stop by our booth and we can give you a quick overview. We’ll also be posting a summary of the discussion, after the event.

P.S. – not only will the presentation contain tons of useful information, Ted and Heather are great presenters – you are guaranteed to be entertained!


Bryan Warren Bryan Warren was the former Director of Healthcare Solutions at PSI. He was responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.