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Three Steps to Building an Innovative Culture

December 17, 2015


Molly Gamble at Becker’s Hospital Review published a wonderful article this month, “5 Things the Most Innovative Health Systems Do Differently”:

  1. Systems need to be “invested” in innovation
  2. Where possible – provide financial incentives for innovation
  3. The entire team must be encouraged to innovate
  4. Innovation is a long term solution
  5. Invention and creativity are intended to simplify work

There is one constant thread throughout all of these points – the role of talent. She cites Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, talking about his philosophy for innovation:

“It’s not about the money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led and how much you get it.”149316836

She paraphrases Jennifer Radin, of Deloitte’s Healthcare Human Capital practice – “the ease with which people innovate is largely determined by an organization’s talent development and whether leaders are system thinkers.” Ms. Radin also spoke about the importance of investing in physicians and helping them to become business leaders.

What can we take from this?

  1. Build innovation and adaptability into your organization’s behavioral competency model, at all levels;
  2. Be sure to build innovation and adaptability into the selection and promotion processes. You need to build more objective measures of these critical competencies in to how you select talent; and
  3. Reinforce, reward and develop these skills in your people.

Healthcare staffing, nursing, physician recruiters and HR professionals are central to the organization’s ability to adopt a pervasive, innovative culture. Define what innovation and adaptability look like at each level of the organization and select executives who are not only innovative, themselves, but able to encourage and develop it in others. Then apply the same deliberate approach to ever other level of your organization.

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Bryan Warren Bryan Warren was the former Director of Healthcare Solutions at PSI. He was responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.