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The Volume Hiring Process 201: Best Practices For Hiring Assessments

July 22, 2014

Hiring a large number of employees quickly is never an easy task even when you have a well-formulated hiring process in place. Fortunately, this task is much more manageable when you have a well-planned, efficient hiring system to help you sort through potential employees to help select the candidates that will impact your company the most. As we covered in our previous post in this series, the first step in the volume hiring process is an automated, online job application system. 478055159

Once you’ve sourced your candidates for open positions and conducted an initial screening through your online hiring application, you’re now ready to progress qualified candidates further in the hiring process with an in-depth hiring assessment. When used as part of a complete, customized hiring system based on important job-related factors, a pre-employment assessment increases your ability to predict and hire the most successful employees.

With the proper investment of time and effort implementing assessments in the hiring process, you are much more likely to decrease absenteeism, turnover, and unsafe work behaviors. Additionally, not only will you be able to reduce counter-productive work behaviors in employees, the amount of time managers spend interviewing poor-quality candidates will also decrease –saving time and money.

So, what should your pre-employment assessment look like? To start with, using a web-based pre-employment assessment allows for the greatest flexibility as to where and when candidates are able to take the assessment. Avoiding paper-and-pencil assessments and tests is a must in order to reduce administrative time, needs, and resources.

For the most important aspect of the assessment, the measurement, let’s dive into four common competencies a well designed pre-employment hiring assessment should measure:

1. Attention to Detail

Your employee assessment should measure how well a candidate pays attention to and is able to identify small differences, mistakes or defects. This could include testing whether an applicant is able to know when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. Being able to identify and prevent mistakes will lead to a noticeable increase in the quality of work produced.

2. Positive Attitude

You should test whether each applicant views the world in a positive, optimistic manner versus assuming that there are hidden agendas behind every action. New hires with positive attitudes are generally more open to change and to new ideas.  Positive attitude is also a great measurement that correlates negatively with turnover; thus, meaning those candidates that lack a positive attitude and demeanor tend to turnover at a higher rate in many organizations.

3. Teamwork

In almost any working situation, your employee assessment should gauge how well a candidate is likely to work effectively with others to accomplish organizational goals. Employees that are identified as being “top performers” often are identified due to these individuals focusing on the success of the team as a group while behaving in ways to generate a positive collaborative environment. A robust assessment measures a person’s beliefs about effective team behaviors as well as how he or she handles conflicts in specific situations within a team.

4. Work Ethic

Finally, and most importantly, a successful and valid pre-employment assessment should measure whether a job candidate assumes responsibility for a job well done. Your most effective employees aren’t satisfied with average performance, but instead set high standards for their own work beyond basic expectations. Hiring assessments offer insight into a candidate’s commitment to work diligently on a task or project until the goal is achieved.

In the end, the right employee assessment should be job-relevant to give candidates a realistic preview of the important factors required of the job while providing you with the most realistic picture of their abilities and competencies to perform the job. Even when you’re hiring a multitude of new employees, no hiring solution is complete without an assessment fit for the job.

Does your volume hiring process need a more robust employee assessment? Need help getting started with an online job application system? Click below to download a free guide from Select International and get your rapid hiring system sorting through candidates with ease.

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Danielle Desko Danielle Desko is a Marketing Manager at PSI.