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The Top 10 Safety Articles of 2017

December 27, 2017


What a year for our Safety Team! 50 safety articles later, we're looking at a joyride of lessons, ranging from personal safety in extreme sports to leadership tips and tricks for safety talks, among many others. We've expanded our safety perspectives beyond our imagination this year, and we're thankful you joined us on this journey.

Safety is a fascinating field – it reaches far beyond the workplace, and affects our day-to-day much more than we tend to realize. This is why it's key to take time at the end of the year to regather our thoughts, and consider the opportunities that safe behaviors bring our way every day.

So in the name of reflecting, we want to share with you a few of our favorite learning moments from 2017:

10) Safety Leadership: Do You Walk the Talk?

Safety is an ongoing relationship – and for it to work, it needs participation from everyone. If you're trying to get buy-in from your hourly team, you will have to ensure that all leaders on site "walk the talk". Especially if you're 20 feet above the ground!

9) The Next Step to Improving an Already Strong Safety Culture

What happens when seemingly harmless tasks become dangerous? Taking an "inside" look at your personal safety transforms hidden dangers back into safe tasks, with a new approach to your daily routines.

8) Reasons for Trying a Personal Approach to Safety Leadership

Safety first – but can it truly work, if leaders aren't bringing it into daily discussions? Improving leaders' safety talk means taking meaningful steps towards a safer workplace. See how a new approach to the way you talk about safety can keep a whole team safer.

7) Why You Shouldn't Rationalize Unsafe Behavior

The traits that keep us safe play a big role in our day-to-day life – especially when we engage in fun but high-risk situations. Take this: rollercoasters, just like many other things, are a scream-worthy fun time, and it is only when something goes wrong that we become aware of what a misstep can cause. How can you keep the experiences you love memory-worthy, without bruises?

6) The Power of "WHY" When Communicating Employee Safety

"Walking the talk" ensures that people around you can follow your example – but how can you be sure that your example is truly sinking in to your peers' minds, so that they can act safely even when you're not around? Focus on one element: "Why." We've taken a close look at this for you.

5) 3 Examples of Leaders Showing Their Commitment to Safety

We all have mentors, role models, and too-good-to-be-true idols from different times in our lives. If you haven't found one for safety, here are a few characters who have an admiration-worthy commitment to safety.

4) 3 Reasons Why Contractors Often Fail At Safety

It takes two to tango – both full-time employees and contractors. When one doesn't swing to the rhythm, the other can't stay on track. It's the same for safety; so how can you improve the safety behaviors of temporary workers? Read on.

3) 4 Characteristics to Help Create A Best-in-Class Safety Culture

What does it mean to be the "safest" company in the country? We tackle this by going beyond definitions, beyond the numbers, and looking closely at what matters most: the people who make up your workforce.

2) Four Tips for Making Your Safety Observations More Impactful

Think your safety observations could use some brushing up? Boost their performance by following these quick tips. You'll find that what once seemed like a task will quickly turn into an entertaining challenge.

1) Improving Safety Behavior: The Power of Commitment & Consistency

Owning your personal safety may be easier than you think. Through a few intriguing exercises, you and your coworkers can learn how to see safety as an "internal" trait that belongs only to you, a characteristic that defines you profoundly. And it may be easier than you think – sometimes, as simple as a safety slogan.

Thanks for reading our blog – we are committed to learning about safety, and love to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. We're honored to share with you the topics that move us, that perplex us, and that amuse us. We're excited to continue exploring the world of safety with you in 2018.

Happy (and safe) holidays!

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Giulia Prete Giulia Prete was the Marketing Coordinator for Safety Solutions at PSI.