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The Top 10 Human Resources Articles of 2017

December 28, 2017


The overhaul of performance management, AI, the rise of the gig economy, HR and recruitment automation, prioritization of the candidate and employee experience, gamification, and millennials becoming the majority workforce are just a few of the changes that 2017 brought to the workplace.

We've been writing about these trends and other research findings that we have seen over the course of the year, and we're ready to ring in 2018 with a list of our top human resources articles of 2017, based on views and shares:

10. Why Measuring Emotional Intelligence Is Important

Many people are unaware that their emotional intelligence plays a role in how successful they are in their job. This blog post reviews origination of emotional intelligence and how it can predict performance, leadership success, relationships, and development.

9. Emerging Trends in Employee Assessments: Are They Worth It?

Big data. Gamification. EVERYTHING on our mobile devices. This article dives into the popular trends in employee assessments and recruitment and evaluates whether or not they actually add value to your hiring process. 

8. Debunking the World's Most Perfect Employee Assessment

This article, written from a fun perspective, takes a look at what comes after implementing THE MOST PERFECT EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT and reviews how to take a holistic approach to reduce turnover and hire top performers.

7. 5 Things That Eased My New Hire Nerves [Onboarding Tips]

A recent new hire outlines what made her feel welcome in her new role, and how big of an impact the onboarding process can make. Sometimes, it's really just as simple as showing enthusiasm, kindness, and preparation.

6. Ask These 3 Questions to Improve Employee Retention

This post is a reaction to a Harvard Business Review's recommendation of three questions that drive conversations regarding career satisfaction and improving retention. This article dives deeper into the importance of why the questions can make a difference, and gives suggestions for how to optimize the effects of the questions.

5. The Most Common Interview Questions that Can Get You in Legal Trouble

Saying the wrong thing could potentially cost an organization a lawsuit. This blog post reviews the most common interview questions and phrasing that are not permissable to ask, and how to make them legally appropriate.

4. The Changing Nature of Performance Management

The changing nature of performance management is not a new topic, but has certainly been a focus in 2017. This post discusses how organizations are re-thinking performance management in light of millennials moving into leadership roles.

3. 6 Ways to Welcome Your New Employees

Properly onboarding employees is critical. The first few weeks set the tone for how the employee will perceive the company and his or her role within it. This blog suggests ways to create a good first impression with your new hires. 

2. How to Recognize Toxic Leadership

This article, the first of a three-part series on toxic leadership, stirred up some discussion, as so many of us can relate to working for a toxic leader. This series digs deeper into how to recognize, survive, and prevent toxic leadership. 

1. 5 Negative Consequences of Hiring a Bad Leader

There are all kinds of positive outcomes associated with focusing on hiring great talent. But what happens if you don’t? A poor hiring decision at the leadership level can be detrimental to your company. Our top post of 2017 considers five side effects of hiring a bad leader, and some suggestions for avoiding the negative consequences.

Thanks for reading our blog! We wish you a happy new year and we look forward to continuing to bring you assessment research and hiring trends in 2018! If you haven't already, check out our latest Guide to the Modern Employee:

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Claire McCue Claire McCue is the Manager of Digital Marketing and PR at PSI. She specializes in content marketing for the talent management, leadership, higher education, certification, and licensing industries.