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The Most Talented Healthcare Selection Team in the World!

January 4, 2016

selection-team-1.jpgWhen we survey clients, they tell us that they love to work with us because of our team. Yes, they like our tools, but what they really value is that our team is professional, responsive, innovative, knowledgeable, and cares about the client’s mission. They know healthcare.

They know the science of behavioral assessment for selection and development, they know how to find solutions to difficult problems...and they are fun to work with. In this holiday season, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with healthcare providers dedicated to making a difference in the lives of patients every day. And we are thankful to have the best healthcare team anyone could ask for. This group loves their work, and fully appreciates that every day they can positively impact our clients’ ability to fulfill their important mission. We recognize that healthcare is unique, and our success depends on having a team of talented individuals who know how to navigate the nuances and complexities of the industry. Select is a pretty big organization and lots of people support our healthcare work, but this core team focuses on meeting these unique needs:

Laurie Wasko, Ph.D. – Healthcare Consulting Manager

Laurie keeps our healthcare team on track, ensures that we are up on industry trends, and that our consultants have all of the knowledge and tools they need. She works with the senior leaders of some of the top health systems in the country to ensure they are efficient and effective in their approach to bringing the right people into the organization. I’ve had the pleasure recently of working with her on developmental projects with senior leaders and physician leaders.

Ted Kinney, Ph.D. – Director of Research and Development

Ted’s team knocks out more formal validation studies and research than leading I/O Psychology University programs. Before leading our R&D team, he led our healthcare consulting group and loves the unique challenges presented by healthcare. He and his team have designed the best tools in the industry and are constantly on the cutting edge of assessment science. Not a week goes by that we don’t have a call from somewhere in the U.S. or abroad seeking Ted’s particular expertise.

John Fernandez, Ph.D., and Steven Jarrett, Ph.D. – Consulting Managers

John and Steven manage teams of consultants and support personnel who implement our solutions. Every day we hear from clients who are amazed at how quickly and effectively these teams solve problems. You won’t find anyone in their field who knows more about implementing selection solutions in healthcare – not just the science of it, but the practical expertise and experience that make all of the difference.

Alissa Parr, Ph.D., Amber Thomas, and Jason Frizzell – Consultants

Together, they bring a ton of I/O and project management expertise to their clients. More importantly, they are passionate about using talent strategies to change the way healthcare is delivered and take great pride in meeting clients’ needs.

Paul Glatzhofer, Leadership Solutions Manager

Paul has always worked with our healthcare clients. Now, as more are realizing the importance of a more deliberate approach selecting and developing leaders, Paul is more involved with our healthcare team than ever. His new Leadership Solutions platform is going to be a game-changer and we are lucky that our healthcare clients have early access to it.

I know the entire team is thankful to work with our dedicated clients and proud of the work we’ve done in 2015, and we are thankful to have this dedicated team ready to do exciting things in 2016. Have a great holiday season!

We’ll be presenting at People in Healthcare in San Diego in January 13-15, to kick off 2016!

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Mark Rogers Mark Rogers was a digital marketing expert at PSI who specialized in human resources and leadership content.