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Six Things Our Healthcare Clients Love About Working With Select

December 18, 2015

SIHealthcareLogo_colorIf you are familiar with Select International, either as a current client or an organization that’s looked into our tools, you’ve probably figured out that we are bit different. Part of it is what we refer to as “The Select Way” – an approach that puts clients first, and revolves around constantly building better solutions. The other difference is that we are not a training company or a “test vendor”. We build selection and development tools that meet our clients’ needs. We don’t sell one product and try to convince everyone that it’s the best test for every situation.

Over the past seven years, we’ve very deliberately built our healthcare practice. Our Healthcare Solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations. We have leaders in the field of I/O psychology and the science of assessment. More importantly, though, our healthcare consulting team understands the challenges faced by our clients and how to successfully implement our solutions in a way that contributes to the organization’s mission and goals. How do we know that this is true? Because we ask! We recently surveyed our healthcare clients. Here’s what we learned:

Why do clients choose Select?

There are over 2,000 firms selling behavioral assessments. When we ask clients how they sifted through those vendors, large and small, to choose select, they most frequently cite:

  • The science behind our assessments
  • Deep healthcare-specific expertise
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility

Several noted, particularly, that they value our experience working with lean-focused healthcare organizations. We’ve worked with lean-focused manufacturers for decades, and now that hospitals are adopting lean systems, we’re ready to implement the talent strategies that support a lean culture.

What tools do our clients currently use and anticipate using in the near future?

We have a sometimes overwhelming library of tools for selection and development. In healthcare, though, these are used most frequently:

The quality of our products

While our clients really like working with our team, when it comes down to it, our tools need to work:

  • 100% of clients said that the quality of our products is “Better than Most” or “Exceptional” when compared to other vendors.

The quality and responsiveness of our team

This is where we make our living, so to speak. Comparing apples to apples, clients choose us because our team understands their challenges and works hard to find solutions. This approach means that we rarely lose in a head to head comparison and frequently see clients switch to our tools:

  • 75% of clients rated the support of our consulting team as “Exceptional”
  • 100% agree that Select values them as a client.
  • 88% agree that Select understands their organization’s unique needs and goals.
  • 100% agree that the Select team cares about their organization’s success
  • 100% would recommend Select to others.
  • 100% of clients report that Select meets or exceeds their expectations with regard to:

Reliability, Customer service, Innovation, Expertise, and Responsiveness

Suggestions for additional tools and services?

Our executive assessment process is popular with our healthcare clients, both for selection and development. So is Select Assessment for Healthcare Leaders. Several clients, however, asked about expertise, tools and coaching for leadership development – which is timely, given the recent launch of our exciting Leadership Solutions platform!

One word to describe Select

When we asked our clients to use one word to describe Select, we were pleased to hear terms like: “Thought Partner”, “Expertise”, “Innovation” and “Responsiveness”

Thank you to our Healthcare clients who participated in the survey. We can’t improve our ability to meet your needs if we don’t ask. We learned more than how wonderful we are – there were several useful recommendations that would make it even easier to use our tools, and we are exploring them. Our healthcare consulting team, research and development and technology teams continue to improve our approach to building talent strategies that support a high performance, patient-focused, culture!

Reducing Turnover in Healthcare

Bryan Warren Bryan Warren was the former Director of Healthcare Solutions at PSI. He was responsible for developing and promoting tools and services designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.