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February 16, 2015


– Members of the Research and Development Team Receive Awards for Academic Publication–                                                

      Pittsburgh, February 16, 2015 – Members of the Research and Development team at Select International, a global provider of employee assessment solutions, were recently recognized with the 2015 Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance as well as the 2015 Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment.

     logoThe paper, published in 2014 in the prestigious Journal of Applied Psychology, is titled “Uncovering Curvilinear Relationships between Conscientiousness and Job Performance: How Theoretically Appropriate Measurement Makes an Empirical Difference.” 

The authors of the paper were:

  • Nathan Carter, Ph.D. – University of Georgia
  • Dev Dalal, Ph.D. – University of Connecticut
  • Anthony Boyce, Ph.D. – AON Hewitt
  • Matthew O’Connell, Ph.D. – Select International, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder
  • Kristin Delgado, Ph.D. – Select International, Research Consultant
  • Mavis Kung, Ph.D. – Select International, Manager, Research & Development

     Both awards were selected by the SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) Awards Committee.  The Hogan Award for Personality and Work Performance recognizes the best paper on personality and job performance, published or unpublished, from the previous year. Hogan founders Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan have spent more than four decades proving that personality assessment predicts job performance, and demonstrating how personality factors influence organizational effectiveness.  The Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment, honoring P. Richard Jeanneret, is given to the authors of a paper or chapter, published or unpublished, judged to have the highest potential to further the understanding of individual or group assessment especially when such assessment supports the creation of a diverse workforce.

     The authors will be recognized at an awards presentation hosted by the SIOP Foundation on April 22, 2015, during the annual SIOP conference hosted in Philadelphia this year.


About Select International

Select International develops employee assessments and hiring systems to help organizations identify, select and develop a strong, productive workforce.  The company’s employee selection and development solutions include pre employment assessments, executive assessment, online interview training, manufacturing assessment tests, healthcare hiring assessments, customer service assessment tests, and tools to help organizations hire safe workers.  Select International works closely with its clients to improve hiring at all levels, and across all industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service, energy, retail, transportation and logistics, and distribution.

Select International is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and maintains offices throughout North America and around the globe.  For more information on Select International, call 1-800-786-8595 or visit http://www.selectinternational.com.


Danielle Desko Danielle Desko is a Marketing Manager at PSI.