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Our Most Popular Leadership Blog Posts of 2017

December 29, 2017


Happy Leadership Friday and last Friday of 2017! This year, we've covered a range of topics, from toxic leadership, to organizational change, to working with millennial leaders. And, we rolled out our Leadership Tips subscription. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can sign up here - you'll get brief, actionable tips delivered to your inbox weekly.

To round out 2017 and ring in 2018, here is a list of our most popular leadership blog posts of 2017:

10. Ask the Expert: How Important Is Industry Experience When Hiring Leaders?

This is a question we often receive from clients, so we decided to have Select International's Manager of Product Development, Amie Lawrence, Ph.D., give a detailed answer and recommendations for hiring leaders who may not have experience in your industry.

9. How to Prevent Toxic Leadership

After Jaclyn Menendez's post on recognizing toxic leadership stirred up conversation on social media, she decided to write a series of posts on surviving and preventing toxic leadership. 

8. Choosing a Leadership Assessment: How and Why?

Ever wonder about the value of leadership assessments? What they can (and should) measure? This post reviews how a well-defined assessment process will pay off in the long run by helping you to recruit high performing leaders, decrease turnover, and positively impact your corporate culture and ultimately your bottom line.

7. Driving Organizational Change: 5 Tips for Leaders

In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." Change can be painful, but if it's happening, there is likely a good reason for it, and those who can adapt to change are more likely to thrive. This post shares five tips leaders can use to be powerful change agents.

6. How to Measure Executive Presence in Leaders

Executive presence is difficult to describe, but is more easily recognized in a room full of people. When a leader walks into a room he or she instantly attracts intense, positive attention. This post reviews the three dimensions of executive presence, outlined by Bates Communications.

5. 6 Aspects of Emotional Intelligence You Must Consider When Hiring a Leader

Psychology Today defines emotional intelligence as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” Though this definition seems simple, EI can be a very complex construct to measure. In this post, we recommend considering six distinct aspects of emotional intelligence when selecting a leader for your organization.

4. 5 Leadership Tips Backed by Data

Based on data from a recent meta-analysis studying the correlation between a leadership development tool and work performance, these five tips have been shown to have a very strong relationship with leaders' work performance.

3. 3 Leadership Qualities We Can Learn from Sidney Crosby

You can certainly say it takes a great Captain to lead a team to win back-to-back championships! This blog post takes a look at three of qualities that Sid possesses that help him and others produce positive outcomes.

2. How to Recognize Toxic Leadership

I'm sure we can all relate to the experience of working for a bad leader. This post is the first in the three-part series on toxic leadership mentioned in #9. You can also check out the second post that digs deeper into how to survive toxic leadership.

1. 5 Negative Consequences of Hiring a Bad Leader

This blog post ranked as the number one most popular post of all of our blog posts in 2017. This post covers the negative side effects of hiring a bad leader, from suffering employee development to the hard costs to the organization.

Thanks for being readers of our blog, especially our Leadership Friday series! We wish you all a happy and healthy 2018!

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