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Our Top 10 Employee Selection and Development Articles of 2018

December 27, 2018

'Tis the season to reflect on our successes and on what we've learned over the previous year. Sticking with our holiday traditions, we've compiled a roundup of our top HR blog posts of the year. Whether you enjoyed these articles the first time around, or you haven't gotten to read them yet, here's your chance to check out our most-viewed blog posts of 2018.

10. How 3 Dark Personality Traits Can Affect Job Performance

Personality measurement in pre-employment assessment is a commonly accepted practice. Over time, there are certain personality characteristics that have been consistently linked to higher levels of job performance, like conscientiousness, for example. However, there are other personality traits or characteristics that are often shown to negatively impact performance on the job. One such set of characteristics is referred to as the “dark triad.” In this article, Alli Besl, Ph.D., reviews PSI's recent research on the relationship between the dark triad characteristics and job performance for individuals in a sales role.

9. 3 Ways A Validation Study Makes Your Employee Selection Process Better

All organizations need to measure the effectiveness of their selection tools. Some may not know what a validation study is and that it’s available to provide a significant benefit to your selection process, or some may think the only time to conduct one would be if there are legal challenges. In this post, Steven Jarrett, Ph.D., explains three ways a validation study can benefit your selection process.

8. 10 Employee Engagement Statistics of 2018: How to Learn From Them

High levels of employee engagement can translate into higher productivity, lower turnover, fewer safety incidents, lower absenteeism, higher profitability, and better customer ratings, among other things. Set your new year's resolution using the following 2018 statistics, summarized by Trevor McGlochlinto understand what can be done to help organizations benefit from high employee engagement.  

7. The Future of Employee Assessments: Predictions from SIOP

The future of employee assessments was a big trend at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) annual conference in 2018. Many employers and assessment creators have an interest in how these tools of the future can further enhance the predictiveness of current selection systems, but we have only just begun in these areas compared to other assessment methodologies. In this post, Lindsey Burke takes a look at what selection experts think will stay the same and what they feel will be much different.

6. Measure Learning Agility to Identify Successful Leaders

Learning agility is one’s ability to perform at a high level on tasks, situations, and problems encountered for the first time. In this article, Jessica Petor reviews research on the five key dimensions that are crucial to learning-agile leaders.

5. 4 Ways to Develop an Effective Leadership Team for Your Organization

This article by Paul Glatzhofer outlines four strategies that organizations can incorporate into their leadership selection, development, succession planning, and engagement processes. This post also serves as a call to HR leaders to ensure that the top leaders understand how these themes can quickly derail their mid-level leaders and hurt the organization. 

4. 7 Reasons to Hire Women Leaders

There is much to discuss on the topic of women in leadership. Amie Lawrence, Ph.D., walks us through how business sense and academic research work together to identify why women leaders are a positive for your organization, and why it is important to have more women in leadership roles. 

3. What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

In this article, Fred Stawitz cites examples from the historic leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, and Winston Churchill to discuss how we define leadership and how leadership differentiated from management.

2. How to be an Employer of Choice: 4 Strategies

When you're an employer of choice, job candidates are eager to work for you. Given the opportunity, candidates will choose to work for your organization over others. With the unemployment rate so low in today’s job market, it's a game changer if you're an employer of choice. In 2019, make it a goal to position your organization as a number one option for employment. In this article, Cassandra Walter shares some suggestions on how your organization can become an employer of choice.

1. Are Men or Women Better Leaders? Several Studies Reveal the Facts

In our most popular blog post of 2018, Amie Lawrence tackles the idea of individual leadership effectiveness: is there a gender difference in how men and women lead? And if so, is one gender considered a better leader than another?

And that's a wrap! We hope you've enjoyed reading these articles as much as we enjoyed writing them for you. Want to discuss any of these posts, or have topics you'd like to see covered in 2019? Send us a message on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook – we'd love to hear from you! 

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