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Our 5 Most Popular Healthcare Blog Posts of 2015

January 4, 2016

Healthcare_Hiring-1.jpgAs 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to take a minute to recap and countdown our most popular Hiring in Healthcare blog posts of the year. This year, we published 34 blogs altogether and set a new record for number of views on our healthcare blog. Both are pretty impressive numbers!

Just like our other blogs, our goal isn't to sell or promote our products, but rather to educate, inform, and sometimes entertain our readers. I certainly think we've accomplished all three of those goals this year.

Without further ado, here is the countdown of our 5 most viewed blog articles, just in case you missed any...

5) Are Healthcare Leadership Skills Different?

We already know that healthcare is a unique industry. It's different in almost every way from other industries. In this article, I examine if the skills it takes to be a leader are different in healthcare versus other industries. I think you'll be surprised at the results!

4) 7 Keys to Fostering Collaboration in Healthcare

Collaboration was a popular topic this year, you'll see this theme pop up again at number 2 on this list, and with good reason. Healthcare leaders are learning to embrace collaboration, but it's not always an easy road. It's a change from what's been done in the past. You'll definitely want to read this one.

3) 5 Reasons That Healthcare Recruiting and Selection Are Very Different

The basic principles of building a selection system are the same across industries, effective and efficient implementation of these programs in healthcare organizations requires more than just expertise in building tests. We examine these differences in this blog post. 

2) Are Healthcare Professionals Wired for Collaboration?

Here's that collaboration topic popping up again. We’ve done little of the work necessary to ensure that healthcare leaders are collaborative, but we continue to throw highly skilled professionals, trained to value autonomy, in a room and tell them to collaborate to solve complex problems!

1) Change the Behaviors that Change the Patient Experience

I'm not surprised that this one came in at number 1 on our list. It's one of my personal favorites from the year, and patient experience is an important issue in healthcare. With the increased focus on ensuring that patients have a positive experience, we need to be sure that we're developing the behaviors in employees that can affect that experience. 

So there you have it, our top 5 most viewed blog posts from 2015. I also want to thank you - our readers - for taking the time to read and share all of our blog posts! We have big plans for our blog for 2016 so stay tuned!

Bryan Warren Bryan Warren is the President of J3 Personica, a consulting, assessment, training, and coaching firm, and a guest blogger for PSI. Bryan is an expert in progressive talent strategies, with a particular focus on leader and physician selection and development.