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One Challenge Employers are Seeing in the "New Wild West"

October 1, 2014

462143937I recently spent 2 days doing a video shoot for a company that services oil producers in the Watford City/ Williston areas of North Dakota. My expectations were not very high in regard to the quality of worker, much less the processes here in the new “Wild, Wild West”.

The company we were doing the shoot for was a respected contractor in the area. They are known as a fair place to work, and seem to take care of their employees, on and off the job. One of the main concerns they have is hiring safe employees who will stay on the job. Their track record was good for the area, but not near where they wanted to be.

The reason we were here doing this shoot, was so we could develop an interactive digital training system to allow remote locations to put new hires though orientation training in a timely and cost effective manner. With constant turnover, the cost of hiring has become a concern. That, and the desire to get it right the first time, actually drove this company to look at pre-employment assessments and utilize a safety focused assessment known as SecureFit® for their roustabouts and equipment operators. When combining that with the existing drug test and background check, they are seeing marked improvement in their new hires. They have only been using this technology a short time, but have seen almost instant results.

I have understood the technology behind these types of assessments, but until my trip out west, had yet to see the employees that this type of selective hiring produced. The employees we met were gracious, helpful, and most importantly – safety conscious. It was a refreshing departure from the stories I had heard from fellow safety professionals that had made their way out that way in the last few years.

In a time where many of my clients struggle to find quality low-risk employees, it’s refreshing to know that even companies this far off the grid realize the importance of gaining a competitive advantage by the strategic hiring of safe, reliable people on the front end, versus dealing with the ramification of ineffective hiring practices on the back end.

If you would like to learn more about how you can pre-screen candidates for safety, quality, and turnover risk, read our whitepaper:

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Our Guest Blogger this week is Terry Weston, CSP, CMSP who is a workplace safety consultant for South Central College.  He has developed and delivered countless training sessions in the areas of OSHA and MSHA.  He also presents at national conferences across the nation in the areas of training materials, delivery, and retention.

Guest Blogger