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Our 6 Most Popular Workplace Safety Blog Posts of 2016

December 30, 2016

top-6.jpgIt’s been a busy year for Select International’s safety team. We’ve spent the year helping companies hire safer employees, identify their employees’ SafetyDNA, and of course writing tons of blogs posts. Altogether, we’ve published 49 blog posts this year. This one is number 50.

The part about blog writing that I love is that some blog posts catch fire and get thousands of views. That’s always a good thing. We make it our goal for this blog to never sell our products. We just want to educate, inform, and sometimes entertain our readers. We definitely accomplished that this year.

With that, here are our 6 most popular workplace safety blog posts of 2016. Starting with number 6...

6) How Cognitive Biases Affect Your Personal Safety

This was the first part in our psychology of safety blog series by Senior Consultant Brian Dishman. In this post, Brian writes about the psychological factor inattentional blindness and how that can seriously impact your safety on the job.

5) 3 Ways to Make Your Safety Moments More Personal

Plenty of companies use safety moments as part of their safety plan, but do you know what actually creates an effective safety moment? Even if you do, you still might want to check this article out. Dr. Tristan outlines some great tips that you may not have thought of to make your safety moments more useful.

4) 2 Major Reasons Why Your Company Isn't Improving Its Safety Performance

Your company may have implemented a new safety program a few years ago, and you saw great results initially, but now your safety performance has plateaued. What gives? Unfortunately, this is more common than we’d like. This article dives into a few reasons why this problem might be happening at your company.

3) Being Aware of Your Surroundings Can Drastically Reduce Safety Incidents

This post was the second part of our series about how the S.A.F.E. Model of SafetyDNA can improve workplace safety. Aware of Surroundings is the second part of the S.A.F.E. model, and is one of the most critical parts. Unfortunately, too many workers don’t pay enough attention to their surroundings.

2) 3 Tips to Creating a Positive Safety Conversation

Sometimes simply telling an employee that they need to do something won’t change their safety behavior. It’s much more helpful to explain why this needs to happen. This article, written by our Director of Safety Solutions, talks about how to make those short safety conversations much more effective.

1) The Real Safety Risks of Allowing Horseplay at Work

Having fun at work can be a good thing. It can help improve teamwork, culture, and productivity. But, actually allowing horseplay can have serious negative effects leading to dangerous situations. It might seem like harmless fun, but this article gives real examples of times when horseplay at work has led to safety incidents.

Thanks for reading and sharing our blog posts from the past year! And stay tuned for our blog posts in 2017, we have some big ideas in development right now.

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