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How are Healthcare Leaders Using Talent Strategies to Drive Success?

June 15, 2016

healthcare-leaders.jpgLeaders are thinking differently about talent – how to select, engage and develop people at every level who will support the organization’s goals. It’s relatively new for healthcare. Our focus has been on clinical and technical skills for so long that some senior leaders are just realizing the amazing impact of talent – and more importantly, of deliberate talent strategies.

More senior leaders are asking their teams to focus on behavioral skills, have made talent acquisition and organizational development a priority, and given human resources a seat at the strategy table. To understand these changes, we’ve put together a panel of experts for an interactive discussion during our webinar on June 29th, 2016. The panel:

Donna Katen-Bahensky is the CEO of DKB Consulting and former President of University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She’ll share her experiences and practical advice on building leadership teams, working with physician leaders, and overcoming lingering resistance to progressive HR strategies.

Mark Sevco is President of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center East and UPMC McKeesport and Director of UPMC’s International Physician Leadership Program. He’ll introduce what he’s learned from building a senior team and staff for a UPMC’s newest hospital – including that everything stems from employee engagement.

Brad Weeks is Director of Performance Improvement and Research at HealthStream. He’ll discuss research findings on the best strategies to engage medical staff, the role of clinical communication skills, in outcomes, and data showing the connection between employee and physician engagement, and key performance measurements.

Our clients tell us that the most engaging webinar format is the interactive panel discussion. Each of the panel members will share their thoughts and then we’ll pose the audience’s questions to the panel members for a discussion.

A particular focus will be how the role of human resources has transformed from a transactional function to a strategic role supporting organizational success and the best way to leverage this transformation.

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Bryan Warren Bryan Warren is the President of J3 Personica, a consulting, assessment, training, and coaching firm, and a guest blogger for PSI. Bryan is an expert in progressive talent strategies, with a particular focus on leader and physician selection and development.