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Driving Culture Change with Pre-Employment Assessment

November 11, 2014

WebinarCorporate-wide culture change is no walk in the park. It requires vision, strategy, buy-in, sustained energy, practical implementation, commitment, and time. Just the idea of transforming your organization’s culture can be overwhelming – who should be involved in each step of the process? How do you communicate a consistent, compelling message of change to stakeholders in all areas of the company? Where should you even start?

For Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC), the answer to that last question was simply “at the beginning.” SHC partnered with Select International to develop and launch a pre-employment assessment that would ascertain candidates’ fit with the organization’s new culture. The assessment, which is presented to external candidates early on in the selection process, measures key competencies aligned with SHC’s new culture. Hiring candidates who already champion the organization’s key cultural drivers – like Adaptability and Ownership – complement the culture change that the organization has been engaging in.

This Wednesday, November 12, SHC and Select will present an HR.com webinar detailing the process of developing and launching this new pre-employment organizational fit assessment. You’ll learn what this process looked like from start to finish:

  • Convincing leaders of the need for this assessment

  • Selling the concept of a fit assessment internally

  • Conducting extensive multi-method job analysis to document critical cultural competencies

  • Validating the use of the assessment with key criteria

  • Integrating with applicant tracking

  • Coordinating a change management plan

  • Launching and monitoring the success of the assessment

What’s more, SHC and Select will share “lessons learned” and practical tips you can use to jumpstart a similar process in your organization!

Editor's note: This webinar took place on November 12th, 2014. To view a recording of the webinar, click the button below:

Driving Culture with Pre-Employment Assessment at Sears


Laurie Wasko, Ph.D. Laurie Wasko, Ph.D. was the Director of Consulting Services at PSI.