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6 Companies With Incredible Perks

December 22, 2015

office-culture.jpgWhat’s the best way to make sure that the top talent you’ve recruited stays at your organization? Make them want to stay. An organization that can offer benefits and employee perks on a high enough level will very rarely have to worry about an employee leaving due to not being satisfied. What are some of these extracurriculars and perks that keep top talent from even thinking about leaving? The six companies below seem to have it figured out.

1) Google

Surprising exactly 0 people, Google clocks in as one of the best companies to work for in terms of employee benefits. The ubiquitous tech giant downright pampers their employees, with everything from gourmet meals, an on-site gym, laundromat, barber shop, bowling alley, and massage parlor, all for absolutely free. On top of that, Google also offers free car washes and oil changes, on-site child care or assistance if you choose to go elsewhere, and most of all, up to $12,000 annually for tuition reimbursement. With a list of attractive perks like that, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular companies to work for.

2) Yahoo

Another big player in the technology industry, Yahoo offers an impressive range of employee benefits as well. Their biggest attraction is what they refer to as their Speakers Series, a continuous employee development effort in which they bring in A-list speakers to deliver lectures to their workers, featuring such names as Tom Cruise and Deepak Chopra. In addition, Yahoo makes sure their employees are happy ones, providing free food, an on-site gym, live concerts, baby showers for new parents, and even discounts to ski resorts and theme parks. And if you happen to be working there in October, expect to be a part of their annual Oktoberfest bash as well!

3) S.C. Johnson

The well-known household brand provides a myriad of impressive benefits, many similar to those mentioned above: on-site childcare, paid maternity and paternity leave, paid sabbaticals, etc. But their most unique and arguably impressive perk comes in the form of a concierge. Understanding how busy their employees are, S.C. Johnson makes up for this by offering a concierge service that will do anything from buying your groceries, to going to the post office for you, they'll take your car into the shop, and even wait in long lines for you!

4) Grasshopper

The Grasshopper Group, a telecommunications and technology company, proves that you don’t have to be a huge corporation to take great care of your employees. Grasshopper team members enjoy 1 month of vacation per year as well as nine holidays, and also get a paid half day every Friday during the summer. In addition, employees are encouraged to make their own hours, are given a lunch allowance, reimbursement for their cell phones, free fitness classes, and even they buy their employees Ugg boots for the winter! Not to mention a free beer train –a tour on a locomotive full of free beer.

5) Southwest Airlines

If you’re someone who has friends and family scattered around the state, country, or even world, then you know the pain of seeing your paycheck diced to pieces by expensive airfare. Southwest Airlines employees get to take that cost out of their budget altogether, receiving free flights for not only themselves, but their friends and family as well! If for whatever reason they aren’t able to get where they’re going on Southwest, employees also receive discounts on other airlines, along with rental cars, hotels, and theme parks.

6) Counsyl

You might not have heard of this small healthcare technology company before, but after this you might find yourself rushing to see if they have any open positions. Much like Google, Counsyl offers daily gourmet meals prepared by local eateries, including food trucks and farmers’ markets. They also provide employees with on-site laundry facilities, a gym, stock options, and impressive medical coverage. Finally, Counsyl makes a point to ensure that if an employee expresses a need for a tool, product, or any other item to get their job done, they will provide it, even if that item is a puppy. Yes, Counsyl will provide their employees with a puppy, as seen in this quote directly from their website: “Whether you need a Macbook Pro, Wacom Tablet or a puppy to be productive, we've got you covered.” If the promise of a company-paid-for pet doesn’t get top talent through the door, I’m not sure what will.

The important thing to remember with all of these great perks is that offering your employees fantastic perks won’t fix a bad company culture. If your culture isn’t great, you should take the necessary steps to improve that first. This blog post has some tips on how to start fixing your company’s culture. Perks are only one part of what it takes to have a great company that employees want to work at.

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Greg Kedenburg Greg Kedenburg is an I/O Psychologist who previously worked for PSI. He is living and working in Chicago, IL.