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How to Build a Team That Will Succeed While You're Away [Infographic]

August 9, 2016

building-a-team.pngSummertime is in full swing right now, and with that comes summer vacation! Most of us take some sort of vacation during the summer - whether that's a beach vacation or a week-long camping trip in the wilderness.

The difficult thing is actually unplugging while on your vacation. Chances are, you're checking email, taking phone calls, and doing other work related things while on vacation. Many people find it hard to totally unplug. The key is building a team around you that you can fully trust to take on a little extra work while you're out of the office.

The good folks over at teamfocus put together an infographic to help you build a team that will succeed while you're out of the office, and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.


Take that vacation! It's important. But, make sure you hire and develop the right team so that you can totally unplug and know that work is getting done while you're out of the office.

Let's keep the conversation going on LinkedIn. What do you do to keep your team on track while you're on vacation?

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