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Why we’re royally glad that hiring decisions are data-driven

May 17, 2018

There, we said it! It got us thinking about how we’re glad that choosing your next employee is nothing like choosing the next royal bride. Hiring decisions should not be based on gut instinct – whereas luckily Harry and Meghan were able to be truly swayed by their hearts. So, why are gut instinct, intuition or feelings in general bad for making your next recruitment decision? And why should these critical decisions be based on relevant data?

  1. Data brings objectivity and increases fairness. A data-driven process should start with a thorough Job Analysis to ensure that you pin down what the success factors and core behaviors for a particular role look like. This then becomes the benchmark against which you start to measure, sift, and finally interview your candidates. This ensures that you have a level playing field and therefore a fair process as you are measuring everyone in the same way.
  2. Negative implications/impacts of getting it wrong. Since having specific behavioral and/or competency data increases the likelihood of fit-to-role, then not using data means you are open to getting a bad hire. This has been proven to be costly and there are also huge negative psychological implications on teams. A toxic employee can cause great psychological damage to morale, undermine the culture, and spread unease within teams. This is even more critical in the case of senior hires where influence is felt far and wide and decisions are likely to have larger consequences. To mitigate the impacts of getting it wrong, we recommend a data-driven approach.
  3. Ability to leverage data for on-boarding and development. Many organizations pay princely sums for a raft of psychometrics to support and develop employees once they are on-boarded. With our data-driven hiring approach, organizations will already have this data, in one place, ready for using on the next part of an employee’s journey. This could be leadership coaching for a senior hire, or as simple as looking for series of workshops on influencing skills for your latest graduate hire.

Data is a powerful decision-making tool so naturally we advise appropriate use. You need to ensure you are measuring the right elements for the role, and treat the data with respect – only using it for the intended purpose and confidentially. This allows you to be more confident of making a successful hire and recruiting a potential high performer – you may even have found your next jewel in the crown…well, tiara!

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Danielle Desko Danielle Desko is a Marketing Manager at PSI.