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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

February 5, 2019

As JCA Global, a PSI Business celebrates 25 years as leaders of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Business, we have seen EI become a mainstream leadership tool that helps get the best out of people in a sustainable way, helping to improve productivity and well-being.

We talked with Jo Rye, Head of People Development at Marks and Spencer, and Stuart Evans, Head of Learning & Talent Development at HSBC, on why EI is important now and in the future for organizations.

In the video below, Jo Rye explains the clear distinction between those leaders high in EI and those lacking in EI, and why successful organizations need to create leaders for a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world and ensure they are creating the right climate for employees to flourish.

Stuart also shares his view on the importance of EI in this time of the rise in robotics and the widening skills gap. As the digital piece will be increasingly picked up by robotics, the real skill that organizations need to focus on is communication. It's not that a robot is going to take your job, it's that a robot is going to be working alongside you.

Watch the video here.

Silvana Andrade is the Digital Marketing Manager at PSI Services, International.