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What's New on the PAN Platform

April 14, 2017

Here are a few highlights from the first quarter of 2017. We release new features and enhancements every six weeks. Please check back for more Product Updates throughout the year or add our Release Notes widget to your dashboard if you're already a PAN Platform registered user to stay updated.

One Test. Multiple Languages.

Test authors are able to save a lot of time on multi-language tests by building one test, one key, one report, and changing out languages. The new upload feature and library make it even easier. Additional administrative languages have been added for globalization as well (Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Brazilian Portuguese).

Added Flexibility with Custom Reports

We continue to make enhancements with our custom report builder so that test authors can build market quality reports.  Some of the latest adds are:  background images, radar charts (example shown above), 3D chart features, copying reports, and numerous gradient layouts on bar colors.

360 Authoring (Beta)

Build your own assessments, surveys, and now 360s. The first formal release will be in June, but a beta version to check out 360 delivery, scoring, and reporting is available at a very friendly price.

Advanced Item Banking and Section Banking

Use our tool to build sophisticated banking implementations including section banking, enemy items, equivalent difficulty forms all within our easy-to-use interface.

As a reminder, access to new features and enhancements varies by your account subscription level. To learn more about our platform, contact us or register for free.