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Getting Ahead of the Game: What Performance Reviews Won’t Tell You About Development

November 28, 2018

It’s now a busy time of the year for HR professionals with the year-end performance reviews coming up. But is a simple conversation during the appraisals process getting to the heart of the actual development needs of your employees?

Identifying the real development needs is key to design a strategic and flexible development plan for your organization for next year.

The most effective way to identify the development needs is to put people through a development center. This is a series of exercises where employees can demonstrate their capabilities in a situation that replicates their job or real life experience. This is an effective way of assessing the development needs, as it doesn’t rely on subjective measures.

Anna Vila Pouca from PSI and Jill Pennington from JCA Global, a PSI business, discuss on this short video how to ensure performance reviews generate best business impact for the year ahead. They also discuss how emotional intelligence has a part to play in the development process.

Download our handy infographic containing top tips to help you get ahead of the game and identify real development needs within your organization.

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Claire McCue Claire McCue is the Manager of Digital Marketing and PR at PSI. She specializes in content marketing for the talent management, leadership, higher education, certification, and licensing industries.