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Using Competencies to Get the Most Out of Assessments

July 12, 2017

The talent measurement industry is growing rapidly. According to a recent report from CEB, 95% of HR professionals use people analytics to gain insights into their workforce. More and more, organizations are realizing that assessments are valuable tools for selection and development. There are hundreds of publishers in the market, and thousands of assessments at your fingertips. So how should you go about narrowing down which assessments are best in a sea of options?

PAN’s catalog contains over 500 assessments from over 50 different publishers, all aggregated in one convenient location. Not only are all these assessments available to choose from—employers can also customize catalog searches by assessment type, purpose, job type, and competencies. Although it is important to decide between different types of assessments (i.e. personality vs. cognitive ability, SJT vs. biodata), and to be clear about the reason you are interested in using assessments, it is also crucial to know which specific areas of knowledge, skills, and abilities are job-related for your given scenario. In other words, what do you really want to measure?

If you choose a personality assessment  that has eye-catching reporting options, or is popular among your competitors, but does not measure the specific traits that are important to the job, are you getting the most utility out of your assessment program?

The search functionality of PAN’s catalog allows users to select from a list of 30 competencies (e.g., Communication, Teamwork, Integrity), as well as several knowledge areas (e.g., Human Resources Knowledge, Computer Skills, Office Procedures) and cognitive abilities (e.g., Language Knowledge & Ability, Visual Spatial Ability, Numerical Knowledge & Ability). By considering which constructs are most useful in determining who will be a top performer in a job, users can filter assessment searches to find exactly what they are interested in measuring. In doing so, users are better able to select the assessment(s) likely to provide the greatest return for their organization, and save time in the process, rather than simply selecting a popular or flashy new assessment.

If organizations are unsure which competencies, knowledge areas, and cognitive abilities are most crucial in certain job roles, PAN’s consulting team also provides a service called the CompetencyFinder. The CompetencyFinder surveys subject matter experts about the competencies, knowledge areas, and cognitive abilities they find to be the most critical to their position. With this awareness, users can further enrich their decision-making when it comes to choosing assessments wisely.

To learn more about PAN’s services, including the CompetencyFinder, you can reach us at sales@panpowered.com.