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The Psychometrics Forum – Dos and Don’t of Assessment Centers

March 25, 2019

Mike Murray and I were delighted to be invited to deliver a session on Assessment Centers to the Psychometrics Forum on March 6th at the glamorous Naval Club in Mayfair, London. The topic of the event was: Assessment and Development Centers, Practice and Research.

Our morning session was focused on the "Dos and Don’ts of Assessment Centers (ACs)." During the session, there was much lively discussion and debate around the practical realities of applying "best practice" in Assessment Centers in line with the British Psychological Society’s AC Standards and a case study in which the potential challenges around application of the standards could be tested.

Other topics covered included candidate reactions to ACs (and why they tend to be perceived more favorably than many other forms of assessment, and the benefits (and possible issues) of virtual ACs. Lots of food for thought around how we can make the assessment centers we run for clients even more effective.

PSI is a founding member of the UK Assessment Centre Group (UK-ACG); a special interest group of people with a keen interest, knowledge, and experience in the Assessment Center method.

The Psychometrics Forum aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of Psychometrics and their best use. It runs sessions several times a year on a variety of topics.


Philippa Riley Philippa Riley is the Director of Global Assessment Products at PSI Talent Management in the UK.