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Realism that Benefits Both Recruiters and Candidates

April 30, 2019

Multimedia situational judgement tests are a boon for recruiters, but they can also give candidates an accurate idea of what it’s like to work in a given office.

A job search is a two-way street. In a talent-short market where churn is a significant issue for many employers, it’s vital not only to engage candidates but also to give them a realistic view of both the role and the organisation.

To proactively address these issues, many recruiters are exploring and using multimedia situational judgement tests (SJTs) – online psychometric tests that go far beyond the capabilities of a traditional application form and interview.

SJTs explore how someone is likely to behave in workplace situations similar to those they would encounter on the job. Using the latest multimedia tools, recruiters can find out more about candidates’ behaviour and approach – quickly, without bias and in high volume. But how far can these tests go towards giving the candidate an accurate idea of what it is really like to work somewhere?

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Ali Shalfrooshan Ali Shalfrooshan is the Head of International Assessment R&D, at PSI Talent Management. Ali is an experienced business psychologist with a passion for using psychology, technology and psychometric test design to help organisations and individuals thrive. He has a particular interest in designing innovative solutions, which combine technology and scientific rigour to help deliver a measurable business impact.