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Winners of Excellence in Assessment at the ABP Awards 2017

October 25, 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have won Excellence in Assessment at the Association of Business Psychology (ABP) Workforce Experience Awards on Thursday 12 October in London, as part of the ABP’s annual conference.

The ABP’s Workforce Experience Awards offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in the application of psychology in business, providing a platform for over 100 HR, OD, Learning, Resourcing and business psychology practitioners to share their expertise.

Our entry focused on a project completed for the Welsh Fire Service, incorporating the design and launch of a set of five multilingual online assessments that assessed 5,912 candidates in a period of 1 week, equating to over 15,000 online administrations of a staged process.

The update of the assessment process (when compared to a similar campaign run in 2012), demonstrated significant improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The process used in 2012 required 224 working days to assess 2,096 application forms, costing £8.66 per application. Our updated set of assessment solutions reduced the resources needed to just 21 working days, resulting in a gain of 201 working days and a cost of 36p per application.

The results were dramatic to the tune of an estimated savings of £49,000 in staffing costs.

You can read more about the project here >>

Ali Shalfrooshan, Principal Consultant at PSI Talent Measurement, discusses the project more fully in a video.

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