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New Simulation-Based Testing from HR Avatar

January 28, 2016

PSI is excited to introduce 4 new assessments from simulation-based testing partner, HR Avatar. HR Avatar began in 2009 with the sole purpose of making pre-employment screening and selection simpler and more user-friendly. They saw the challenge that small businesses were facing when trying out pre-employment testing services and designed an easy-to-use and wholly accessible testing platform.

By designing their tests around real-world simulations, HR Avatar created a unique experience for each candidate that gave them a good look into the job role. In each job simulation, candidates are submersed into a job-related scenario that takes them through tasks that they might encounter on a daily base. These tasks are specific for each job role and could range from dealing with an irritated customer to checking a medical form for accuracy. With most tests taking about 40 minutes to complete, candidates are given a quick and indispensable view into what their future job might entail.

Interested in learning more about how job simulations could help your company? Contact us today for a customized demo or register for access to our platform to start browsing our suite of over 500 assessments.