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May 2015 Product Updates

May 18, 2015

Assessment Edition Updates

PAN has enabled updated versions of the Elite Intellect Profile and the Reid Report.

The Elite Intellect Profile is an assessment of cognitive ability and measures the ability to be trained, solve problems, and comprehend complex relationships. Designed for selection, it is comprised of 40 multiple-choice items and has a 12 minute time limit.  This tool was formerly known as the Cognitive Aptitude Test; the items and scoring rules are the same and it now offers an expanded score report in which the candidate’s raw and norm-based percentile score on each scale are reported and supplemented with extensive interpretive information.

The Reid Report 30th Ed. is an employee selection tool that examines a job candidate’s attitudes about integrity, social behaviors, substance use, and personal achievements. Designed for completion by applicants in 15 minutes, the Reid Report 30th Ed. is comprised of a total of 23 behavioral and attitudinal items rated on a true-false scale in addition to 38 items that ask about past behavior.  The assessment focuses on attitudes and behaviors that are strongly correlated with the prediction of future job performance. In this latest edition there are not any questions that ask about a candidate’s history of legal convictions.

Additional Report & Language Options

PAN has expanded its offering of the 16PF® Fifth Edition Questionnaire to include new report and language options. The 16PF® is a comprehensive measure of normal adult personality that assesses 16 personality dimensions and is based on more than 60 years of research. The PAN catalog now contains the following reports (access to these reports is based on your user qualification level):

  • The Career Success Report provides students with research-driven career interest feedback and practical personality information that can be used to increase self-knowledge and lead to a successful college experience
  • The Protective Services Report examines how the candidate’s personality impacts work style and job performance and provides extensive feedback on the 16PF dimensions most relevant to protective services
  • Designed to evaluate applicants for security and other public safety positions, the Security Selection Report distinguishes between candidates likely to be effective in performing their duties from those at risk for performance problems

Additionally, the PAN catalog offers the 16PF® Fifth Edition Questionnaire in Spanish, French, German, and Danish; each language offers the Profile and Interpretive reports in either US English or in the respective local language.

® 16PF is a registered trade mark of the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc. and Performance Assessment Network, Inc. (PAN) is licensed to use the trade mark in North America. PAN is an authorized distributor of the 16PF® in North America.

Mobile Assessment Experience

In PAN’s latest version of our Test/Survey Authoring Tools, we have implemented a responsive test delivery experience to improve visualization on a mobile phone.

Candidate/Tester Management

Has just gotten better with PAN’s candidate upload file!  Candidates/Testers with existing accounts can be uploaded directly in the PAN system with new candidates/testers to further eliminate extra administrative effort.

Have your own test/survey content and reports?

PAN’s Test/Survey Authoring Tools allow for the administrator to create a test and report which can be delivered online to your candidates/testers.

Our advanced talent measurement services include

  • Conducting comprehensive job analyses and validation studies
  • Developing structured interviews
  • Demonstrating compliance with EEO, OFCCP and other regulatory requirements
  • Designing executive development and 360 degree multi-rater review programs
  • Providing independent and professional consulting advice
  • Designing business outcome studies to show how assessments are improving your business