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Fueling Talent Management with Intelligence (and Data too)

March 26, 2015

It’s been a few years now that we’ve all been inundated with big data hype. I’ve read that “big data is a big deal”, and while I get that conceptually, I wonder how many of us are ready and able to DO something with that data. Until the data becomes usable -- allowing me to take action or make better decisions – it’s all just meaningless sets of numbers. That is, if I can even get my hands on those numbers. Simply put, you can keep your data. What I really need (and you all do too!) is intelligence.

Get Your Hands on that Data!

In our world of talent management, we’re clamoring for data just as much as any other industry. Talent professionals are being challenged to use hard data to answer questions pertaining to hiring, performance, tenure, development, etc. The true challenge is collecting, organizing, maintaining and then transforming that data into actionable intelligence.

Saba, a partner of PAN, uses the phrase “Intelligent Talent Management™” prominently throughout their brand, and with good reason! Through PAN’s partnership with Saba, which will soon be expanding, practitioners can fuel their talent management systems with even more meaningful, actionable data (read: intelligence!) using talent assessments. Through the use of talent assessments (think areas like: cognitive ability, personality, aptitude, etc.) talent managers have the additional intelligence collection methods they need -- within their Saba platform -- to make key decisions on hiring, team placement, development needs, promotion opportunities, and more.

Where to Start?

With so many opportunities to collect talent-related data, it may seem daunting to simply answer the question, “Where do I start?”. I get it and can commiserate (marketing, too, has become extremely data-driven!). Rather than think first about what you can measure, think about what you want or need to measure in order to complete a talent-related task more efficiently. Prioritization is essential in avoiding analysis paralysis! For example, if you’re having trouble narrowing down candidate pools during interview processes, focus on which pre-hire assessments you can utilize to more effectively gather intelligence on candidates. Don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked today thinking about the data you could collect and utilize for succession planning if that’s not currently an initiative or focus area at your organization. Work with your management or executive team to ensure that you’re devoting your time to improving areas that directly tie-in to company-wide goals or business initiatives. Once you’ve tackled one HR-related challenge area using data, setting in on the next challenge will seem less daunting.

The team at PAN is excited to attend the Saba @Work Summit to share our passion for talent measurement and intelligence with Saba’s users. Meet us in the partner pavilion where we’ll have some more sneak peek information on our expanding partnership. We look forward to seeing you there!