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February Product Updates

February 24, 2016

New Leadership Report Available for MDQ

A new Leadership Report has been added for the MDQ assessment. The Leadership Report is designed to provide a rich picture of an executive’s leadership and management competencies and style to support selection and development applications. For selection purposes, it provides a framework for competency-based interviews and discussions about management and leadership competencies and style. For development purposes, it provides a framework to review leadership and management strengths and weaknesses. Contact your PAN representative or register for access to the platform to learn more.

PAN Browser Update Effective 1/1/16

What is changing?

As of January 1, 2016, PAN no longer supported Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 browsers.

Why are we ending support for IE7 and IE8?

We have a goal of being compatible with all manufacturer supported modern versions of Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  With the rapid nature of change within these browsers and the numerous devices that they run on, we may not be able to achieve our goal at all times.  However, to remain compliant with this ever changing browser market, we have determined IE7 and IE8 will no longer be supported for the following reasons:

  • Microsoft is discontinuing support.  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/WindowsForBusiness/End-of-IE-support
  • IE7 and IE8 are less secure, and are not HTML5 compatible.
  • Our user statistics are trending very heavily (> 90%) toward modern browsers that are technically dependable.
  • It is expensive to test for and create custom coding around this older browser.  We would rather focus on new features.

What action do I need to take?

You should plan to upgrade to one of our supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or greater, and the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  Bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 and IE8 will not be investigated or fixed after this date.

Does this browser requirement also impact participants taking the assessments?

There are currently no known issues with using older versions of IE for the test taker.  But, if issues are discovered, they will not be fixed for these retired browser versions.

How can I get more information?

You can contact your account representative for more details.

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

Do you have a computer adaptive test and need to have it delivered?  PAN has the technology to support this need.

Self-Authoring/Survey Tool

PAN continues to enhance both our content builder and report builder with new features.  Contact us to hear more about our features!

Integrations and Single Sign On

PAN can integrate with your HRIS system or access PAN with a single sign on from your company’s site to ours.

Global Needs?

PAN offers both the candidate and administrator experience in multiple languages to support our client’s global needs

  • Globalization
    • Translated into Japanese
    • Email templates and logs allow for display name attribute for Far Eastern cultures.
    • Globalized custom candidate fields and custom admin fields
    • 5 Languages supported across all clients on the admin platform (Dutch, English, French, French Canadian, and Simplified Chinese).  We will continue to support these on a release -1 or 2 basis.
  • Platform
    • Taxation is complete from a capability perspective.  We are not releasing on 12/6 per the Accounting team.
    • Custom URL for workflows is responsive for mobile delivery.
  • Custom Data Export Tool
    • Pilot release is complete.  It includes demographics and testing content.