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Everything but the kitchen sink: MBTI lets you use your personality type to identify your style

August 11, 2015

shutterstock_72460780-smallerRecently, a blog called The Kitchn posted an article matching people to kitchen styles based on their Meyers-Briggs personality type. Although skeptical, I was intrigued to find that the kitchen assigned to my 4-letter type was indeed totally my style. The kitchen assigned to my type – ESTJ – was labeled as Traditional, and I loved the bright, open, classic look. Just to test it out, I asked a friend to take the MBTI and test it himself. His results came back INFP, and the kitchen assigned to that type, called Organic Modern was also a hit. He said he loved the natural wood combined with the modern style. Interestingly, after we looked through the other kitchens in the article, there were certainly others that each of us liked (and would be thrilled to have in our own homes), but both felt that the assigned kitchen type matched our individual styles well.

It’s important to note that the comments on this article call out many instances of people both agreeing and disagreeing with the kitchen/type matchup. But, as a testing professional, I think the interesting take away here has less to do with how perfectly the tool matches your kitchen style – after all, the tool is meant to provide insight in development contexts, not to make decisions - but the way it gets people thinking and talking. And that’s really the point of broad stroke, type-indicating tools like the MBTI – that you can take a little insight about yourself, and use it to have a productive conversation about your similarities and differences with others. And in a workplace context, this can be a great way to start the conversation and get people thinking critically about their and others’ personalities and how to interact better together as a team.

Take a look and let us know if you’ll be redecorating based on your MBTI style anytime soon!