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Can the Kitchen in My Dream Vacation Home Tell Me if I’ll Be Good at Sales?

August 26, 2015

shutterstock_95923897(100)Several recently published articles have alluded to how personality factors, often evaluated using assessments when someone applies for a job, can also stretch outside the work context. For instance, the aesthetics of your kitchen, according to this feature from The Kitchn, might have correlations with your Meyers-Briggs personality type (see further commentary on this piece by Erin Wood here. Additionally, recent studies, as featured in this article from Washington Post’s WonkBlog, have identified a connection between one’s preference for a scenic mountain picture vs. a scenic beach picture and where they fall on the introversion/extroversion scale.

While fun, I would caution readers to take these articles with a grain of salt and understand that the world of personality assessments, as used in the employment arena, requires a great deal of rigor and science to ensure that these measures are truly job related and being used judiciously. Implementation of a personality assessment in a selection system should entail collection of assessment data, paired with job performance data to establish a solid connection between the test and job performance. So, bottom line, let’s hope that employers don’t begin showing job applicants a picture of a beach or mountain scene and determine whether or not the candidate is going to be their next top salesperson…well, unless they’ve gone through a thorough validation effort*.

*a bit of industrial-organizational psychology humor for you!