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Building Your Leadership Pipeline with Hogan

February 25, 2016

A leader’s behavior drives culture, engagement and overall productivity. In today’s ever changing business environment an organization must keep a pulse on how its typical leadership profile stacks up against the evolving strategy. Equally critical is devoting careful thought into the type of leader that would pull the business in a newly desired direction.

Take a step too far in that new direction and the organization will reject anyone trying to make a difference. Remain too cautious in shaking up the status quo and meaningful change is unlikely to be seen. However, making deliberate, incremental modifications to the hiring profile can bring about transformation that stretches across the organization; all while avoiding counter-productive resistance.

Accurately measuring employees’ personality characteristics, both to gain an understanding of the current leadership signature as well as the attributes that may still be sought after, is crucial to business growth and a company’s overall well-being. With their dedication to scientific measurement and decades of experience applying rigorous standards, Hogan Assessment Systems will predict the type of talent that can steer your organization toward realizing its vision.

To learn more identifying and building leaders at your organization using assessments from Hogan, register for access to the PAN platform or contact us to speak with a member of our talent measurement solutions team.