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5 Changes to Support the Globalized World of Testing

December 15, 2015

About 15 years ago, I left a world of predictable development work in consumer products. These were the type of consumer products that you use every day… toothpaste, soap, snacks. It all made sense to me and the consumer was well aware of the benefits and features. But, excited to jump into the sphere of internet development, I took a job with a firm that was “moving our cheese” by converting paper selection and testing programs onto the World Wide Web.  Anyone remember that term?

shutterstock_169585925-websitePAN began our migration into internet testing by allowing the user to click through tests and automating administrative tasks like data entry, scoring, and predictable reporting. But, the world has changed a lot since then. These are not only table stake items; they are trivial in today’s world of testing and selection. In this globalized world, companies have to be prepared to answer the more complicated problems of this testing age.

We all know the rhetoric. The testing world is driven by a series of catch phrases: “Going global”, “Appealing to millennials”, “Customizable”, “Scalable”, “Secure”, and most importantly “Intuitive and Easy to use”. In our case, PAN has really listened to the market and has created a series of functionality to address these needs:

  1. Simple, engaging, and easy to use. Testing started out as functional. Then, it moved to configurable. Now, the goal is for the experience to be desirable. We are implementing rich media item types, re-configured screens to eliminate clicks, and user obvious design patterns so that a user or test taker has few decisions on every screen. Less is more.
  2. Mobile Technology. As recent statistics have pointed out, more consumers are on their phones than their computers. It’s now pivotal for companies to have access to technology that can be accessed remotely, especially for those jobs that are in remote locations. The PAN system has met this need by making their testing platform available on almost all remote devices. As the world has become smaller, so have the devices.
  3. Testing in the Cloud. If a test is delivered from a US server to a US tester, the round-trip time for the test’s responsiveness will be shorter by a couple of seconds than for a test delivered from the US to a test taker in China. It just makes geographical sense. So, PAN has set up cloud implementations in other parts of the world so that the Chinese test taker now receives the test from an engine in the Far East. It is only a couple of seconds difference, but it makes all of the difference to an audience that expects things immediately. We are not a society that likes to wait; we need information fast, and we need it to be accurate.
  4. Immediate and configurable data access. In many system implementations, reporting is an after-thought to delivery. However, clients want data in a clean and configurable manner perhaps more than other piece of our technology. And, it must be real-time, repeatable, and informative. We have recently implemented a custom data export tool so that all data can be retrieved and consumed in the way clients want it.
  5. Translated content and Administration. When creating content in a globalized world – it’s important to make sure that it can be accessed and used by clients using multiple languages. It’s not simply putting in a paragraph into Google translate and seeing what comes out. The creator of the technology has to make sure that the content makes sense and is user-friendly. The PAN platform hits all of these points. In recent years, we have made almost all parts of our platform accessible in any language, and we’re still adding more. In order to evolve, technology must be able to be flexible and responsive to change.

Overall, the testing and selection world is a different place than it was even 3 or 4 years ago. PAN continues to invest in infrastructure, user facing features, and overall design to appeal to today’s user. We are a mobile, global, client-centered, and safe place to implement your testing programs. Oh, and we also have 50 of the world’s best publisher in our marketplace! In 2 years, this will be not enough—so we will be there to support that new world as well.

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