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3 Things About Gen Z That Will Help You Hire and Retain Talent

November 8, 2018

The newest generation to enter the workforce is Gen Z, with the oldest of this generation around age 22. Given current unemployment statistics and the tight labor market, employers need to be doing all that they can to attract, select, and retain talent from this generation. Below, we will discuss three key attributes of Generation Z that your company should be focusing on.

1. Offer A Tech-Forward Candidate Experience

It's hard to believe, but Generation Zers have never known the world without the internet, so you can definitely expect this generation to be paying close attention to online reviews of companies they are interested in working for via Facebook, Glassdoor, etc. Nowadays, company reputation is everything and can so easily be tarnished by one or two bad online reviews from candidates who were mistreated or ignored during a hiring process. We all know that bad word travels fast! Given that Gen Zers are extremely tech savvy, they are likely to be demotivated by hiring processes that are not innovative and/or not accessible via technology. Gen Zers are most likely to be motivated by an interactive, high-tech candidate experience that is engaging and allows them to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Hiring processes that include a combination of job relevant, online assessment/simulations and face-to-face interview experiences (whether that is via online or in person) are a great example of this.

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2. Assess for Multitasking Ability 

Gen Z Candidate Experience

Some evidence suggests that Generation Z desires interruptions in the workplace. This may be attributed to a want and/or need to multitask, given the “need to connect” that so many Gen Zers have been embedded with. Thus, using probing questions during an interview and assessment process to understand one’s need for multitasking and variety might help you better understand if the candidate is going to be the right fit for the specific company and role. If the particular role you are hiring for does require a bit of multitasking, it certainly doesn’t hurt to assess one’s ability to multitask with a validated, job relevant assessment simulation.

3. Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Other research suggests that promoting diversity and inclusion is another deciding factor of Gen Z job seekers. Therefore, Gen Zers may be more attracted to companies that foster a culture of openness, valuing others’ opinions, and optimism. Companies building diverse teams and encouraging cross-departmental work are on the right track. Those that are not may see a higher number of Gen Zers exiting the organization. To encourage a culture of diversity inclusion, companies should consider assessing candidates’ sensitivity to diversity in the hiring process. This can be accomplished as part of a validated assessment tool or in a structured behaviorally based interview guide.

In the current labor market and considering the shift in generations moving into and leading the workplace, it's important to be evaluating and maintaining your company processes, especially when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. Upgrading to a tech-forward assessment and interview process, considering certain competencies, and taking a close look at your company or team culture are a few ways to update your hiring process to attract and retain Gen Z employees.

Claire McCue Claire McCue is the Manager of Digital Marketing and PR at PSI. She specializes in content marketing for the talent management, leadership, higher education, certification, and licensing industries.