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Our Clients' Success Stories

April 15, 2014

I’ve always heard that time seems to go by even faster as you get older.  And since I turned the Big 4-0 in 2013, guess that qualifies me as ‘older.’  So I can confirm that it’s true:  time isn’t just marching on – it’s marching on at a double-time rate.

Before we close the book on 2013, allow me to quickly reflect on the year.  I wasn’t the only one hitting a birthday milestone – at Select International, we celebrated our 20th successful year in business.  This was something we were very proud of and don’t take lightly, especially considering only 26% of small businesses survive 15 years or more (according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics).180923589

While we were happy to celebrate this accomplishment, the biggest source of pride comes from the achievements we’ve helped our clients reach over those 20 years.  So for the last few years, we’ve collected some noteworthy client data and presented it in the form of an Annual Business Outcomes report.  At first, it felt strange to publish a report that was ‘all about us.’  But it’s honestly more about our clients AND their successes – and our commitment to both.

The 2013 report highlights accomplishments within several areas, including manufacturing, healthcare, customer service and safety.  I encourage you to download the report and learn how we were able to help our clients:

  • improve overall job performance
  • reduce safety incidents
  • improve attendance
  • decrease turnover
  • decrease counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs)

You can download the report here.  We’re now looking ahead to the remainder of 2014 – even though it means I’ll be hitting the Big 4-1 before I know it…

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Kristin Paxton Kristin Paxton is the Director of Global Marketing for PSI. She has extensive experience in the areas of marketing communications, marketing automation, lead generation, search engine marketing, and marketing operations management.