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Is a Happy Worker a More Productive Worker?

March 6, 2014

Is a happy worker a more productive worker?  This is a common question managers should ask themselves.  I assume that most people intuitively would assume the answer to this question is “yes”.  It seems to be a common sense notion that people perform better on those tasks that they enjoy.  Likewise, instinctively we assume that a person would perform better in an environment that is consistent with their expectations and values.  166159991

The first step is to hire individuals where there is a good Motivational Fit between the individuals and the target position. 

Good Motivational Fit occurs when an individual:

  • Demonstrates an interest in performing job tasks and fulfilling the job responsibilities
  • Has beliefs about work that are consistent with the organization’s values
  • Expresses satisfaction with the working environment and organizational expectations

Motivational Fit is the single biggest predictor of absenteeism, turnover, and overall employee satisfaction.  All of these criteria impact an organization’s bottom line.  Turnover costs can easily be in the thousands of dollars for a single individual.  Costs associated with recruiting, training, and lower productivity can add up quickly.

Luckily for hiring managers, Motivational Fit is something that can be assessed during the hiring process.  Select International has assisted organizations develop tools that measure an applicant’s Motivational Fit for target positions.  These tools help hiring managers determine if an applicant’s interests and expectations are consistent with what the target job has to offer.  These tools are relatively easy to implement.  They can include:


  • Motivational Fit interview questions
  • Personal Preference Assessments
  • Realistic Job Previews


To learn more about Select International’s approaches to measure Motivational Fit and turnover reduction please click here.




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Brian Dishman Brian Dishman is a Senior Consultant at PSI. He educates safety leaders on the internal factors that impact employee safety. Brian focuses on safety leadership, safety culture development, and the psychology of safety.