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How Much Does it Cost to Market and Advertise Open Positions?

November 21, 2013

In 2012, the American National Standards Institute and Society for Human Resource Management collaborated to determine a cost-per-hire algorithm that would provide a standard by which companies in the United States could compare their hiring across industries. Lee Webster, SHRM’s director of HR standards stated, “The HR profession and its stakeholders can now begin to make business decisions based on credible, transferable, and inter-operable human capital analytics.”160317679

In an effort to help HR professionals accomplish this goal, Software Advice (a website that researches and analyzes HR software), has created a survey that aims to help identify trends across industries and job types for one critical metric: advertising and marketing costs-per-hire.

This survey will ultimately help answer the question: how much do companies spend on expenses related to job boards, social media networks, search engine advertising, marketing materials and newspaper ads just to find a quality hire.

How much do you spend to market and advertise your open positions? Please take Software Advice’s 10 questions survey to let us know!

Click here  to take the survey.   Once the data is collected, Select International will share the data with their readers.  Thanks in advance for your help! 

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