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How to Centralize Your HR Functions

June 25, 2013


These days, HR departments are being tasked with an incredible amount of vastly divergent responsibilities.  On any given day, an HR Pro might be responsible for recruitment, selection, performance management, payroll, succession planning, or steering organizational development initiatives.  On the surface, these tasks appear to be quite different from one another, requiring many technical skill-sets, and the understanding of a vast array of company histories and policies that led to the genesis of each of the different programs.

It doesn’t have to be difficult!  As organizations continue to seek out new ways to make their processes more lean by accomplishing more with fewer resources, many are turning to competency modeling to serve as a unifying feature to link all of these initiatives under a continuous corporate mission, provide continuity for employees, and make these historically mysterious and subjective processes more accessible and transparent.

By building your entire HR and operations function around a foundational set of competencies, core values, and grouping positions into similar functions and levels, you can build your entire HR function outward from this competency model.  Find out more about competency modeling in this quick presentation: 


Human Resources: Using Competency Modeling to
Centralize Your HR Functions from Select International


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