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5 Tips to Consider When Using Employee Assessments

May 7, 2013

Finding the right assessment can greatly increase the accuracy and efficiency of your hiring decisions. Assessments come in many shapes and sizes, so how do you know if you are using the right one to fit your hiring needs?checklist 136557258

Here are five tips to consider before you add an assessment into your hiring plan: 

1. Use Multiple Assessments: a strong hiring funnel will have multiple steps and will use well-developed assessment tools at each stage.

2. Match the Competency or Skill to the Assessment: Each type of assessment has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Some competencies are best suited for certain types of assessment. For example, you wouldn’t want to use an online personality assessment to measure presentation skills.  If presentation skills are important, a job simulation would be more appropriate.

3. Be Efficient: Place assessment tools in your hiring funnel where they can add the most value.  Short screening assessments should be used early in the process. Longer, more comprehensive assessments should be placed farther down the funnel where you have fewer candidates.

4. Use Pre-Employment Assessments: Make sure you use tools developed for selection.  Many assessments available were meant for another purpose – usually clinical or informational.  You want to find one that has clear information about validity and reliability.  Be wary of assessments that are one size fits all or provide a category or ‘label.’

5. Be Consistent and Relevant: Whatever assessments you use, use them consistently.  Establish standards and apply them to every candidate the same way.  Make sure the assessments and their measurements are relevant to the target position.  Just because an assessment contains a measurement does not mean that you have to use it in your decision making – do not use it if it is not important to success on the job.

Detailed information on the types of assessments can be found here.

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Amie Lawrence, Ph.D. Amie Lawrence, Ph.D. is the Manager of Product Development at PSI. She is an expert in the design, development and validation of psychological assessment tools. An integral member of PSI since 2000, Amie has led the development of numerous competency-based assessments, including online in-baskets, job simulations and motivational fit instruments.