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Using Customer Service Assessments to Improve the Quality of Your Workforce

March 7, 2013

Select International has been helping organizations hire customer service and sales representatives for twenty years. Some of the biggest problems call centers face with their employees include:

  • High turnover, absenteeism, tardiness

  • Diminished customer satisfaction due to employees with poor customer commitment

  • Processing errors and slow data entry time; poor multitasking

  • Unmet sales quotes due to ineffective skills and poor client impact

  • Failure to meet goals due to poor work ethic and attitudescustomer service call78293743

The livelihood of these businesses relies on customer satisfaction and nothing impacts satisfaction more than the employees who interact with customers on a daily basis. Finding the right people to represent these types of organizations can make all the difference.

Adding a customer service focused assessment into you hiring process can help measure key competences that future candidates need to have in order to succeed in customer service positions. Some of these competences include:

  • Customer commitment

  • Processing speed

  • Ownership

  • Quality focus

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Multitasking

  • Sales focus

A large telecommunications company has been using the Select Assessment for Customer Service to hire entry level call center employees throughout its organization for many years. In 2012, the company chose to evaluate the assessment’s effectiveness in predicting key call center metrics across four business units. The results were very strong and showed a clear link between employee assessment scores and their job performance, customer satisfactions score, and repeat calls.

This same organization began to use the ServiceFit screening tool early in its selection process to further decrease turnover in the call center. A turnover analysis was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness. The overall recommendation provided by the assessment was a good predictor of turnover, especially involuntary turnover. Individuals who scored in the low on the assessment were twice as likely to turnover compared to those individuals who scored high.

The same trend is seen when examining involuntary turnover. Individuals who scored low were more than twice as likely to be involuntarily terminated compared to those who scored in the higher categories.

Using an assessment as part of your hiring process can improve the quality of your workforce, which in turn, improves employee’s productivity and customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be nice to hire employees who show up to work, meet their goals, win over customers and have positive attitudes?
What are you currently doing in your hiring process to assess your customer service employees?

How to Improve the Quality of Your Call Center's Workforce

Amie Lawrence, Ph.D. Amie Lawrence, Ph.D. is the Manager of Product Development at PSI. She is an expert in the design, development and validation of psychological assessment tools. An integral member of PSI since 2000, Amie has led the development of numerous competency-based assessments, including online in-baskets, job simulations and motivational fit instruments.