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Sales Assessment: Analytical vs. Intuitive

November 27, 2012

We’ve all done it at one time or another and very few of us like it. That's right - purchase a vehicle. You can almost feel the pressure after you read that … c’mon admit it - it’s okay. The sales person at the dealership usually makes all the difference in how you feel as you drive off the lot. Why? I’d suggest it has everything to do with their sales style.  

In this blog, I'll cover Analytical vs. Intuitive sales styles.describe the image

The intuitive sales person will try to pick up on clues as to what you like and what you don’t as well as use their instincts to help them close the deal. “Hey there’s a young guy, I’ll bet he’s looking for a sports car” or “That lady has her kids with her … time to pull around the minivan” That’s a big assumption, and maybe he’s right, of course what if the lady on the lot is looking for a truck to give to her college bound daughter. If that’s the case the sales person just created an uphill battle to close the sale.

An analytical sales person will collect data making sure they provide a vehicle that will meet the need of the customer. “So let me ask you, how many people will normally be traveling with you?” “How important is gas mileage?” “Do you tow anything like a boat or trailer?” This not only ensure the customer gets the vehicle that best meets their needs, it also leaves the customer with a good impression of the sales person.

The point to keep in mind as you’re hiring your next sales professional is competencies are similar for most sales positions; however, sales styles can and often do range greatly depending on the type of sales position. Select International has sales assessment tools that can provide insight into the sales style of your next candidate.

David Juristy David Juristy is Vice President of Sales, and the executive leader of PSI’s safety practice. He has used his background in Industrial Operations and military training in Quality & Safety compliance to work with many of today’s top companies to implement safety solutions.