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Lean Hiring Systems to the Rescue!

October 30, 2012

When you go to the doctor, the first thing your doctor does is run a series of tests: temperature, weight, listens to your heart, checks for swollen lymph nodes, etc. Why? Because these objective tests provide in depth analyses related to your health. Now what you tell the doctor about your health still has value, but it simply isn’t as accurate as these tests to properly evaluate your actual state-of-health.describe the image

Switch now to running a diagnostic test on a job applicant that pulls up to your office for her 9 a.m. interview. Your goal is to spend 40-minutes interviewing her and based solely on your expert assessment of her answers and a resume, make a determination on how successful she will be at your company. The cost if you get it wrong is conservatively $80,000, or 2x her base salary. In addition there are legal considerations involved with how you manage the interview and your decision. Now if you are one of those interviewers that believe you are somehow better than most at assessing job applicants, I should point out that statistically the interview is the weakest part (least accurate) and most expensive element of any selection process over time.

Lean hiring systems to the rescue! The crux of a lean hiring system is to use technology to get at the core success attributes needed for a job, and do so without adversely impacting any protected class. These attributes may be technical requirements, job experiences, motivational fit, positive communication skills, leadership abilities, etc. Today’s online assessment technologies have become so accurate that companies small to large use them to reduce both the cost and time in making hiring decisions. Most importantly, they use these automated tools because it can greatly reduce the chance of making a poor hiring decision or screening out a great individual.

And in case you are wondering about the interviews … yes, you still need to do these. However, by first screening out poor fit applicants, you will be left with stronger candidates to interview. Additionally, you can now go into these interviews with the applicants’ assessment results and tailor interview questions specific to their unique profiles. In other words, you have the candidates’ detailed diagnostic sheet in your hands and now can have a targeted and meaningful interview.

Simply put, Lean Hiring Systems reduce time, money and most importantly mistakes.

Chris Klinvex Chris Klinvex , was the EVP and Co-Founder of Select International, acquired by PSI. He led the Safety Solutions Group focused on innovative research based safety solutions that are changing how organization approach workplace safety. His team’s most recent award for the new SafetyDNA® Assessment and Development program won the prestigious 2017 Best Online Safety training award from Occupational Health and Safety.