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Gangnam Style Your Hiring Plan

October 18, 2012

Who hasn’t seen the worldwide phenomenon hit Gangnam Style by PSY? Odds are if you haven’t heard the catchy beat, seen the off-kilter video or watched a friend or co-worker emulate the strange horse-riding dance move that accompanies it, you should probably look it up right now.dancing

PSY is one heck of a success story. I can’t imagine he thought he thought writing and singing about a cultural phenomenon of the high-society Korean districts would lead him to this. I remember a little over a month ago, a coworker of mine, Dillon, introduced me to this video and I couldn’t help but think: 1) How did you find this? and 2) I have no idea what he is saying, but this is kind of catchy.

Fast forward through this past month … PSY has toured the American talk show circuit, made an appearance on the MTV VMAs and has just signed with Justin Bieber's agent -- Scooter Braun. This song has become a top 40 hit, and his current YouTube numbers have him on pace to out track a shining archetype of recent pop music, Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.”

Just for a minute suspend what you think you know about what type of background really defines success in your job of choice. Five years of experience in this, a technical certification in that, etc. Certainly there is value in each of these things, but I cannot stress how important it is to cast a wide net when looking for your next big superstar. Success is a product of a number of factors, and by understanding what the most crucial personal characteristics define success, you allow yourself to cast a wide enough net to catch that next person to revolutionize the way you do business.

Don't make interviewing mistakes that result in missing out on a great employee.

Think about making these tips part of your hiring plan:
• Focus on identified success competencies in your target position
• Avoid rigid restrictions on experience
• Recruit from everywhere. Diversity in your organization inspires innovation.

PSY brought some much needed diversity to the world Top 40, and is making his impact, if even by a little bit. Imagine what your industry equivalent of a PSY could do in your organization.

Adam Hilliard